Welcome Back Gossip Girl…and Chuck’s Mom?


Yesterday was a good day. I had a really tasty muffin for breakfast, my mom took me on a mini shopping spree (where I finally saw Lauren Conrad’s line for Kohls in person – not great, but it did have a few really cute pieces thrown in amongst the crap), and then I returned home just in time to watch the return of Gossip Girl (and fast forward through all of the commercials)!

My god, did you think this day would ever come? It seems like it’s been years since I sat down with Serena and Blair to indulge in some delectable drama. Good thing I have a wild imagination and really inappropriate dreams, otherwise I may have forgotten what Chuck, Nate and Dan look like.

But seriously, it’s been so long that I really had no idea what was going on. And there was a lot going on: Rufus and Lily, Chuck and his mom, Blair and her quest for NYU domination, Serena and Nate, Dan and Vanessa, Jenny and…illegal prescription drugs sewn onto jackets.

Gah! Just watching all of it tired me out. And confused me. I didn’t remember Rufus finding out about Lily, or any sort of awkwardness going down between Dan and Vanessa. And, hello, when did Serena and Nate get so super duper hot and heavy? Not that I mind, of course, because we got not one but two super steamy make out sessions between those two last night and it was H-O-T. (Probably because it’s been a long time since I’ve had my own super steamy make out sesh…in a pair of Louboutins…. and I just sorta replaced Serena with my own  sexy self).

And it was also fun to watch Nate and Serena deal with the same old confusion and drama that we have all been through at the beginning of a new relationship: the opposing advice from friends, the mixed signals, the games. Yes, it was frustrating at first and I wanted nothing more than to reach into the TV and smack Serena in the face for being so petty and immature (really? Asking the guy with the gelled hair to go to the dinner??), but then I realized that we’ve all be in her shoes before (well, figuratively) and gotten a little immature and petty ourselves.  I actually found a bit of comfort in the fact that even the pretty girls with the killer closets get a bit insecure about love at times. And then do it in a coat room. Hot.

But enough about those two. Can we talk about Jenny’s expertise at pushing drugs? Poor girl’s on an express train to Lindsay-Lohanville, population: hot mess. And what about Lily totally effing up the only good marriage she’s ever had? (Now I totally see where Serena’s dude issues come from…) Or the fact that Chuck totally found his mom? I know, I thought she’d be hotter, too, but this is going to change everything. And somehow I have a feeling it won’t be good.

So. much. going. on.
Can’t. digest. it all.
Need. to find. my own. Nate. Archibald.

Wait. Sorry, got a little off topic there.
Back to the real stuff…

Thankfully, GG will be back next week and then again the week after that so we won’t have to wait another 6 months to watch it all go down. And based on a few photos I just found online, things are about to get even steamier.

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