March Madness! Vote For Your Favorite TV Couples Here!

It’s ROUND 3 of our March Madness television bracket and that means we’re halfway through. Couples are falling by the wayside and hearts are getting broken. If Cory and Topanga sweep this whole thing I wouldn’t be surprised. So many people are stoked for the new spinoff Girl Meets World and after Topanga covered Maxim the internet blew up with praise and reverence. But don’t let the hype sway your vote. Fandoms have a way of sneaking up on you and making a mockery of your expectations. Right now it’s ANYONE’s game. Who are you hoping takes the matching crowns home?


Cory and Topanga vs. Ezra and Aria

[polldaddy poll=6957178]

Luke and Lorelai vs. Chuck and Blair


[polldaddy poll=6957180]

Buffy and Angel vs. Sookie and Bill

[polldaddy poll=6957183]

Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew vs. Castiel and DeanĀ 


[polldaddy poll=6957184]

Ross and Rachel vs. Penny and Leonard

[polldaddy poll=6957188]

Mitch and Cam vs. Lily and Marshall


[polldaddy poll=6957190]

Roger and J. Woww vs. Sharon and Ozzy

[polldaddy poll=6957192]

Nick and Jessica vs. Ice and Coco

[polldaddy poll=6957194]

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