Did MTV Ban “Telephone”?

Did you guys tune into the ten minute (already infamous) Lady Gaga and Beyonce video for “Telephone?”  I know I did, and that shiz was cah-razy.  Two days upon debuting on You Tube,  the video has racked in 13 million views, and there are already rumors flying of MTV banning the video from their network.

Too risky for you, MTV? A little too much butt cheek?

Wait a good minute; how is this video any worse than an episode of The Real World? Those crazy kids might not be wrapped in caution tape, but they’ve been getting belligerently drunk/starting brawls/effing in the hot tub for almost 20 years now. And that stuff is reality. Although the video for “Telephone” provides a blunt message wrapped in some pretty risque outfits, it isn’t real. Therefore, is the Gaga video really all that bad?

Oh, and last time I checked, was MTV even airing music videos anymore anyway?  Remember, 30-second clips after episodes of Teen Mom don’t count.

If these rumors are true (in recent reports, the publicist for MTV has claimed they are not) I think it’s all some big plot by MTV to draw even more attention to America’s favorite guilty pleasure. After all, if anyone can gain something from Lady Gaga’s fame, it’s definitely the station formerly known as Music Television.

And really, even if it’s NSFMTV (not suitable for MTV), this video is insanely awesome. Insane being the operative term.

What are you thinkin? Did this video go too far? Is it too much, even for Gaga?

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