The Worst Prom Dresses of 2010

As we look to our neighborhood magazine stand, we can start to notice the new crop of mags popping up to kick off spring. And mixed in with all that glorious spring fashion is the creme de la creme of prom style.

Obviously, we aren’t really looking for prom dresses (unless we’re robbing the cradle and dating high school boys), but just seeing these magazines dedicated to high school’s most important night really takes me back. I remember the stressful search for a date (found one a week before!),  coming up with the money for tickets (which, at my school, cost an arm and a leg both years), the limo (who’s friends are we going with, and the after party (who’s friends are we going with, aka, we’re going with my friends, get over it).

Yeah, prom was stressful, but totally worth it. I had a blast both times. Mostly because I spent 60% of the night shaking my groove thang, and the other 40% of the time staring at all the girls in their hideous prom dresses.  You know the ones I mean – the  fashion don’ts dresses that girls completely tricked out and possibly bedazzled to make prom super special. They were annoying then – ruining every picture when the flash reflected off all that sequins – but I loved every tacky minute of it. Even now I find myself drawn to dress department in Macy’s, watching young girls make the biggest fashion mistake of their lives.

So in honor of this joyous season, and some serious internet trawling to avoid the giant paper I have to finish before Spring Break, I bring you the ugliest prom dresses that the internet has to offer:

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