Wardrobe Wish List: I Heart Ronson Dress

After devoting two full hours to shopping for me, my mother insisted on doing a little shopping for herself. I was tired from lugging all my new goods around the mall and cranky (because the line at Auntie Anne’s was too long), but I begrudgingly agreed to accompany her to JC Penney for some sheets.

Obviously, I wasn’t excited about this little trip. Not only was it all the way across the mall, but it was JC Penney – who the hell shops there? But I went; it was the least I could do after she dropped some serious dough on me for my birthday.

We walked in on the 2nd floor and while my mom went to the information counter to find out where her ish was, I looked around the overlit store. I turned to my left and spotted about 20 racks of really ugly mom clothes. Ew. I turned to my right and – WTF – I saw this gorgeous, Missoni-inspired dress.

“JC-Penney sells Missoni?!” I thought to myself.

I walked (OK, maybe I ran) towards the display. When I got closer I realized it was not Missoni, but rather Charlotte Ronson’s line for JC Penney. There was a ton of really adorable stuff (jeans, cute going-out tops, etc.), but this dress was clearly the crown jewel of the line. I instantly fell in love.

I love the bright and graphic top. I love that you can wear it alone or, like the photo, unzip it a bit and add another layer underneath. I love that you can rock the basic black belt that it comes with, or add something a little brighter from your own collection. I love that it’s perfectly appropriate for bar hopping on Saturday night and brunch on Sunday. I love that you can wear it with some cute strappy sandals in the spring, or pair it with black tights and pumps right now. I love that it’s really freaking cheap.

I just L-O-V-E it.

And now that my mom isn’t rushing me through the store to pick up whatever boring white sheets she needs, I’m gonna head back to JC Penney (I know, I never thought I’d say that either) and pick it up.

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