Coed Dorm Rooms – Yay or Nay?

Think the idea of living with a dude in that beloved, 2×4 box of a dorm room is out of the question? Think again! More and more schools (including Dartmouth, Cornell and Michigan…maybe they’re onto something?) are introducing gender-neutral housing which allows men and women to become roommates in dorms. I’ve always thought this should be an option because I have a lot of studly guy friends if we’re legal adults, we should be able to choose who we want to live with!

Most of the participating schools made the change because gay, bisexual and transgendered students felt more comfortable with an opposite-sex roommate, but they restricted the option to housing with “gay themes.” I applaud the universities for trying, but why not allow the same for the general population? Yes, I understand the obvious potential for sex, but does having a same-sex roommate prevent anyone from bringing someone else home to their twin-XL? I think not. Actually, I know not.

My group of friends is pretty mixed between guys and girls, and now that we’re upperclassmen and live off-campus, it seems totally normal for them to share houses. In fact, it seems quite splendid. But would it be quite the same to co-habitate with a manly man in that closet I used to affectionately consider my room?

PRO: Drama-Free Housing
Girls are brutal, and everybody knows it. It’s the reason that I refuse to move into my sorority house. It’s the reason that we go to the “library” for 12 hours in one day when we know our roommate is PMSing, or fighting with her boyfriend, or is generally a passive aggressive b*tch that won’t say what she means and gives serious ‘tude instead (not that I have any experience whatsoever in this department). Guys are straightforward and will try to clear the air right away if there’s any problems. Less time fighting and crying, more time for studying, drinking…you get the idea.

CON: Grossness
Dishes piled in the sink. Dirty clothes everywhere. And OH MY GOD…is that…a jock strap on the floor!?!? Moldy food under the bed!? I love my guy friends, but sometimes the lack of hygiene (and the resulting funky smell) makes me cringe when I visit their place. I’m more of a clean freak than most, and I don’t know if I could handle a cramped living space that reeked of boxer shorts and SBDs.

PRO: Get Dates Effortlessly!
Having a guy roommate means that his equally awesome male friends will be in the room all the time. With any luck, they’ve got dreamy blue eyes and enjoy serenading you with their guitars for hours. At the very least, you can offer to let them crash in your bed when they end up hanging in your room at 3 a.m. on a Saturday…

CON: the Worst-Case Scenario
So you decide to move in with your totally platonic, like-a-brother friend you immediately hit it off with freshman year.  Things are going well until a few weeks in when you steal a peek at his glistening 6-pack post-shower. God, has he been working out? And then you start to realize how cute it is when he laughs at your dumb jokes. And then he helps you move your mini-fridge and you catch yourself staring at his flexing biceps. And then he starts talking about how hot your sorority sister is and….oh no…are you jealous!? And then, one Sunday morning bright and early you wake up with your head pounding, open your eyes, and see your room… from the other side of it. And where is your shirt? Did you…..ohgod. Say it ain’t so.

As you can see, there are good things to living with boys, but also a lot that could go wrong. Personally, I think I’ll stick to living with my ladies for the remainder of my college career.

What about you guys?

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Chatting It Up With Kate White, Editor in Chief of Cosmo
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