World’s Largest Woman: The Worst Goal of All Time

With all the fuss lately surrounding healthy body images and the perfect abs, it seems a bit surprising that Donna Simpson, a 42 year old New Jersey woman has actually made it her goal t be the world’s fattest woman. She’s even said it would be “a fantasy” to reach 1,000 pounds!

No. A fantasy is stealing Brad Pitt away from Angelina for a night of steamy hot sex. A fantasy is moving to a deserted island with half-naked men fanning you with palm leaves. A fantasy should NOT be holding the world record for World’s Largest Woman, because that translates to poor health and a dramatically shorter life.

There are so many things wrong with this situation. Here are 4:

1. She’s got a daughter
While Simpson actually tries to wolf down enough food to gain another 350 lbs. onto her already obese frame, her three-year-old daughter is still in the picture. Shouldn’t she be less concerned with her goal weight and more concerned with living long enough to see her daughter graduate high school? And the $750 a week eating habit is money that would be better spent on toys, clothes, and outings with her daughter. She might be in the running for a Guinness World Record, but it certainly won’t be for World’s Best Mom.

2. 12,000 calories per day
2,000 calories per day is the way to a naturally healthy weight for most women, and women who want or need to gain weight are usually told to do so in a healthy way, by upping protein intake and what not. 12,000 calories is BEYOND excessive, and would push anyone’s digestive tract into overload. Plus, she’s doing so by eating McDonald’s! She’s literally eating herself to death, exponentially increasing her risk for diabetes, colon cancer, and heart disease.

3. Exhibitionism
In order to pay her weekly food bill that approaches a grand, as mentioned above, Simpson has resorted to the internet where people pay to watch her stuff her face with 70 (seventy!!!!!!) pieces of sushi, among other things. She says, “It makes people happy.” I say, “who are these freaks that would pay to watch someone eat?!”

4. She’s being encouraged
Her boyfriend (who reportedly weighs in at a whopping 150), actually ENCOURAGES her to do this, and said he’d love it if she was bigger. People who love us are supposed to want the best for us, which means being healthy. Cheering someone that you supposedly love on to an early death is not my idea of a healthy relationship!

I’m in no way knocking people who are overweight or obese. I realize that overweight people might be healthy, just as thin people can be unhealthy. But someone who is trying to make herself famous for harming her body doesn’t deserve the spotlight, as far as I’m concerned!

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