Campus Couture: Tatomme from Ryerson

[While everyone is fabulous in their own right, we thought we should celebrate the campus fashionistas of the world for their continued excellence in not looking like a hot mess for class. So, we started stalking those girls on campus (like Ashley from Lakehead!) to get a few pics and get some tips on their personal style.

And maybe a restraining order or two.

But it’s worth it to highlight fresh, unique wardrobe choices that show personality and the courage to wear what you believe in. You think you’ve got some major style? Know someone else who’s always looking ferosh? Think the world needs to see what she can do?  Send us an email with some photos and she could be the next fashionista celebrated right here.]

Allow me to introduce you to Tatomme, probably the only girl I’ve ever met who can truly pull off a chambray jumper. And by “pull off” I mean “work it like she’s got Rachael Zoe dressing her and she’s walkin’ down a runway.” I just met her this semester, and I was instantly impressed with her style.  We are in a few classes together right now – including being on a team in TV –  and I look forward to seeing what interesting and unique outfits she comes up with each day. She incorporates so many things that I could never pull off, and some I might even wonder why she ever thought to even try it on, but I always admire what she is wearing… and the creative mind that thought to put it all together.

I mean, those shoes and the jumper and that jacket? How did she ever know it would all work together? But it does. Flawlessly.

My favorite thing about Tatomme’s look, though, is that signature bag, which she casually slings across her body as we lug camera equipment across campus.  When I asked her about it, I learned that this Liz Claiborne bag originally belonged to Tatomme’s mom, who wore it when she was about our age.

Vintage, cute and sentimental…. I just love it.

Name: Tatomme Flanagan
Year: 2012
Major: Journalism

1) Describe your personal style
I shop in vintage stores.  I like older, funky looking clothing but with pieces from newer shops that I can add my own flair to.  I dress things up with accessories.  I love jewelry.

2) Complete this sentence: I can’t leave home without ____
As we’re just getting out of the winter season, my scarf, but also my purse and sunglasses.

3) What is your favorite store to shop in?
Vintage stores on Ossington Ave. in Toronto or H&M and Forever 21 for plain shirts.

4) What/who is your biggest style influence?
Sienna Miller – she is a trendsetter but doesn’t follow mainstream fashion.

5) What is your favorite trend, past or present?
High-waisted pants and skirts, baggy sweaters and Mary Kate & Ashely Olsen’s “homeless” look.

On Tatomme:
Jumper – American Apparel
Cardigan – Winner’s
Sneakers – Urban Outfitters
Bag – Mom’s closet

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