Budget Stylista: Let’s Go Clogging

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard that clogs/mules were coming back in style I thought of those black Steve Madden clog/sandals with the elastic band that made your feet sound like a horse every time you walked. You know, the ones you paired with Hard Tails and then traded in for the leather platform version to pair with your Paris Blues Super Bell Bottoms come Fall uh… 1998?

So you can imagine my resistance when I saw the words CLOG splattered all over my fashion bibles. Really, Chanel? CLOGS? I do not need to do/wear anything that resembles my 1998 self in the slightest. The horror! What’s next? Butterfly clips? Lord have mercy.

But then, like all old trends that come back around, I realized the clog came with a bit of a twist. Clogs 2.0 are like Heidi Montag 2.0: Bigger, pumped up and plumped up. And some would even argue, better. These clogs are edgier, chunkier, platform-ier and all around cooler.

And while they may not be the most practical things in the world (note: NO ONE should wear clogs that don’t have a heel unless you are a senior citizen and use a walker), they are a fun way to change up an outfit. (Or make yourself REALLY tall, because most of the ones I’ve seen have a good 4 inches on them. Maybe another reason why I am so resistant since all [Jewish] boys are already shorter than me in flats; add another 4 inches and I’m like Jill the Jolly Jewish Giant. Oy.)

Here are my favorite clogs for Spring to pair with both jeans and dresses. Yes, they aren’t necessarily the cheapest footwear (ranging from $30-$150), but considering some of these bad boys are running at well over $300, these ones are definitely a deal.

Clogs for Pants
These shoes look best with pants because they are a bit heavier looking. They have a lot of leather or woven material and a huge platform that are carried best by a boot cut or flare jean (paired with a flowing top, military jacket and some bold earrings). Yes, these can be rocked with skirts/dresses/shorts on some occasions (especially the sandals) but I like them BEST for pants.

VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE. Please, for the love of all things fashion, NEVER wear socks with your clogs. I made this mistake in 7th grade when clogs were popular the first time and I still cringe when I see pictures. There is NOTHING cute about a sock paired with a clog. Seriously, it’s worse than wearing a Croc.

Clockwise from top: Two Lips Dusty Suede Mule, $59.95; Ollie 2 Part Wooden Clog, $80; Aldo Saviona, $29-$39;  Max Studio “Abba” Peeptoe Mule Platforms, $119

Clogs for Dresses
These are so cool and embellished that a dress helps them stand out.  They’re like that cute bra you wear on a night when you go home alone – what’s the point of all that cuteness if no one is going to see it?! Just remember to keep the dress simple – you don’t want to be a walking trend. Let the shoes do both the talking and the walking. (Ha! See what I did there?)

Clockwise from top: Steve Madden Durann, $149.95; Seychelles ‘Care to Dance’ Clog, $99.95; Peep Toe Bootie Slingbacks, $25.80;  Nine West Quyncilla, $89

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