Super Geeked for Justin Bieber 2.0

A few monumental moments of my life are gradually developing: I will be graduating in May. I will be moving back in with my parental units. I will (hopefully) have a job that rakes in the cash money so I can proceed to move away from my parental units. I will no longer be a ‘college student’ and be able to justify casually drinking on the weeknights. I will turn the ripe age of 23.

And the Justin Bieber ‘My World 2.0’ CD will come out. Tomorrow in fact. And it’s going to be a good day.

I am at a place in my life where I can admit my foes, and honestly, J-Beebs has been a trending topic on Twitter and my mind for weeks now. Now, before anyone goes and yells at me about how he may or may not be a foot taller than a duck and twelve-years-old, hear me out.

1. He is an amazingly talented little dude. Take my word for it and watch this video. If anyone can sing like this before puberty, they deserve my blessing. And my heart. And my dedication in the form of making them the most-played artist on my iPod.

2. It’s his music that makes me feel good, not his pre-pubescent age (although I do give him credit for his Herbel-Essence-commercial-worthy hairdo). And I will blatantly take credit for probably 1/4 of the one million views on a few of his new songs on YouTube. Please tell me I am not the only human being who believes singing along with Justin Bieber is almost better than retail therapy.  Shameless, to say the least.

So yeah, I’m way excited for his new CD to make a dent in my iTunes account so I can finally stop YouTubing it in the confinement of my own room (and dealing with the constant buffering/pauses that come with swiping internet from a neighbor).  His lyrics prove he is a boy wise beyond his years. I mean, who doesn’t confide in a little Justin Bieber for some simplistic answers? I’d like to think I’m not the only one (over the age of 11) who finds solace in Justin’s crooning that “I can fix up your broken heart and give you a brand new start.” If that little man can do it, maybe someone more age-appropriate can be there for me too.

That’s why tomorrow, at 7am (I get up early for two things in life: kegs and eggs, and JBeebs), I am going to march into Target, elbow my way to the front of a throng of middle schoolers, grab that CD off the shelves, and listen to ‘You Smile, I Smile’ till the cows come home (or my roommates, who will shun me for eternity).

For now, I’m saying it’s worth it. (Not that my roommates are cows.)

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