The Weekly Ten: Spring is in the Air

Did anyone else get a sunburn from the ridiculous weather this weekend? I’m pretty sure this was the first time I was excited to be rubbing aloe on my aching, burning skin after the treacherous winter that we’ve been put through this year. New York, I’m looking at you.

Yesterday was the official first day of spring, but other than the calendar telling us it was so, here are the top ten signs you know spring is here.

10. Booty shorts. Every. Where.
In the winter, all the tarty outfits go into hiding, but the second the weather gets above 60, you can bet your campus is littered with cut offs and short skirts.

9. Ice cream!
Finally slightly more acceptable to eat for breakfast. Kinda.

8. PDA galore
There’s something about the warm weather that makes couples just pop up everywhere, holding hands, sticking hands in one another’s pockets, making kissy faces, sitting on laps and being disgustingly mushy in public.

7. Sniffles and sneezing and coughing
Along with spring comes allergies galore. Bust out those inhalers and benadryl, hay season has officially begun!

6. Finally, iced coffee.
I’m not much for hot drinks, but it’s finally appropriate to order iced lattes or passion tea lemonade (sans melon, thanks a lot for discontinuing that one, Starbucks) without being judged by your local barista.

5. Babies galore.
Um, is it just me or do kids start appearing out of no where around this time? Running around, making that high pitched squeal and being general menaces to society. Not nearly as cute as all those spring newborns. Guess people really like gettin’ it on in July?

4. No more nasty nature
Hate all those shriveled up trees and brown grass? Finally, crocuses start popping up and the trees start getting green and pretty. The perfect setting for some afternoon reading or, if you’re into it, some #8.

3. Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara
Back on Showtime. So psyched.

2. Rooftop bars
Finally open up! So nice, so enjoyable. Had I not given booze up for Lent you can bet I’d be throwing back pom martinis with the best of them. Which brings me to…

1. Easter
A holiday that involves chocolate bunnies? I’ll take it.

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