CollegeCandy Confessions: “Drunk” Texting

Today, as I went about my daily business reading all my usual blogs, I came across this post on YourTango, listing off 25 really bad excuses to call him. Many of the reasons making up the list were a ridiculous, absurd and totally crazy…

And as I read them off, one by one, I realized I’d probably used all of them at one point or another in my dating history.

This got me thinking about how pathetic I am all the embarrassing things that we’ve all done in our lives. Particularly, in our love lives. Things that we reason are totally normal at the moment, but cringe about when we look back on them later. Things that we’d only tell our best friend over coffee on a Sunday morning, but only after she swore on her shoe collection she’d never tell anyone. Things that we hide from the people who love us (and judge us) most. Things that even we, ourselves, wish we didn’t know about.

But things that our friends, family, and fellow CollegeCandy readers are probably doing all the time, too.

So here is our chance to let it all out. To share our secrets and find that maybe we’re not so crazy, so weird, so abnormal, after all. We’ll spill the beans every Tuesday and you share your own similar experiences below. Just think of it as therapy. Or a really hilarious way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Confession: Like most girls, when I like a boy I’ll look for any excuse to text or call him. But I don’t want to be texting him all the time if he’s not responding. So then I start going crazy waiting for him to reach out to me and trying to come up with excuses to reach out to him. One time (OK, maybe more than one time), in an effort not too look desperate or clingy, I had to come up with a really good excuse to text a boy. So I dragged my friends out to get some drinks with me just so I could send him a drunk text. I even purposely misspelled words so it was more obvious that it was a drunk text. Seriously, I probably spent a good 5 minutes drafting that text so it looked drunk, off the cuff and flirty.

It’s so embarrassing thinking about it now, but it just seemed so logical at the time.

You ever tried this? Tried some other ridiculous excuse to contact a boy? Confess below. And if you’ve got your own secret you wanna get off your chest, email it!

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