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Miley Cyrus…Mentor?

When the word mentor comes to mind, we think of someone we look up to for advice and guidance. Someone we truly respect and admire. And unless you happen to be the 7-year-old girls that I babysit, that person is probably not Hannah Montana.

But for the Top 11 American Idol contestants in tonight’s episode, Miley Cyrus is gonna attempt to be just that – their mentor. What is she gonna tell them!? What advice could she possibly give!?

“Yea y’all, it would be really helpful if you had a dad who was a one-hit wonder and had a really sweet mullet in the ’90s! Then you could get your own show on the Disney Channel, and your career will really take off!”

I personally feel kind of sorry for these Idol hopefuls, because contestants in past seasons have had the honor to work with legendary figures in the music biz. The contestants on season 6 hip-hopped with Jenny from the Block, rocked out with fashion and music mogul Gwen Stefani, and were even mentored by Bon Jovi, Bono, and- wait for it- DIANA freakin’ ROSS!

Then, season 7 featured mentors like Neil Diamond, Mariah Carey, who is the best-selling female artist with the most #1 singles in U.S. history, and the legendary Dolly Parton. Season 8 came and went with Quentin Tarantino and Jamie Foxx (blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol…sorry, can’t help myself)

My point is, that Idol needs to continue it’s longstanding tradition of having talented, award winning artists mentor the newbies who have made an impact on the world, not some teeny bopper who’s gonna perform a duet with a Jonas brother. Who knows, maybe Miley will make something great of herself in the future and become one of these unforgettable names. But as of now, she hasn’t even donned a cap and gown for a high school graduation, so let’s leave the mentoring to the real pros, shall we?

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