Not So Mad for March Madness

Before you get all “WTF is wrong with you?!” let me explain.

I understand the appeal of March Madness. Really, I do. We all need a little distraction to get us through this month when midterms and papers abound, everyone’s depressed post-Spring Break and the warm weather is teasing us. But while I’m normally a pretty enthusiastic sports fan, I haven’t had a spare moment this month to turn on an episode of Gossip Girl, let alone keep track of a bracket (that I would most likely pick blindly, like my girlfriends that chose to participate).

When it comes down to it, I’m just bitter that my friends are fussing over the Elite Eight while I’m spending eight hours a day at the library. And I could really use that $600 prize…

Hence, my love-hate relationship with March Madness. I love sports (although I admittedly don’t follow college basketball), and the whole thing is awesome in theory. Nail-biter games, last-second-game-winning baskets, drinking lots of beer on a weeknight…. I see why people go mad for March Madness.

But I haven’t seen my guy friends in a week (I have lightbulbs that need to be changed and luggage that needs to be lifted, hello!). On the rare occasion I do run into a few of them (usually between classes), the convos are inevitably all about brackets and players and upsets. Which I do not understand. And while they’re all sitting at the bar chowing down on wings and rooting on whatever teams are still left at this point, I’m sitting in the ‘brary, alone, drinking bottled water (because that’s all we’re allowed to have).

March Madness, I want my friends back!

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