I Love Your Style: Queen Gorgo


Who or what inspires your style? Many of us use movie characters (like Adriana La Cerva) or celebrities (like Khloe Kardashian) as style inspiration, even though, most of the time, they are being dressed from head to toe by the best stylists. Which we don’t have. And sometimes it’s damn near impossible to work their Hollywood looks into our not-so-Hollywood lives. I’ve made it my mission to tap into the mind of a fashion stylist and show you how to take your style inspiration – whatever it may be – and make it more you!

So, you may not know this, but I’m a teensy obsessed with world history.  The fact that I’d rather watch a movie like “300” over a movie like “Legally Blonde” makes it’s safe to say that I am a history nerd raised to the 10th power.  But while the battles and the coups and the whole mummy thing interests me, what really gets me riled up is what everyone was wearing.

Many of us have a mental image (based on movies) of what ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians wore. Beautiful and sexy yet simple things, like long white robes, gladiator sandals, gold accessories and olive branches in the hair. The “style” was ethereal and stunning – it’s no wonder so many of today’s trends are based on that ancient look.

And it’s no wonder I am so obsessed with all things toga-inspired. Most likely a result of my 200th viewing of the bloody, thrilling action film, “300.”

For those who have yet to see “300” (here at Michigan State it’s like an unwritten rule before even being offered admission), Queen Gorgo is the wife of King Leonidas (also known as the guy who likes to scream and kick people into giant holes in the ground).  Her style is very simple and typical of the time. She commands power with her dress, but still looks sexy and gorgeous, managing to attract her King to the bedroom. What I love about Queen Gorgo’s style is that, although she can’t get too creative with the white cloth, she manages to drape it differently every day, her own (and only) way of expressing her style during that time (which didn’t give women much room to budge).

We have a lot more freedom when it comes to getting dressed these days, but I still can’t get enough of this Queen Gorgo Grecian look. I love all the gold. I love the clean, flowy white tops. I love the flat Gladiator sandals that are dressy enough to go out without hurting your feet. And, of course, I like paying homage to my home girl, Queen Gorgo… in my own, modern way.

Product Information: Shirt, Forever 21 – $19.80; Leggings, Wet Seal – $9.50; Sandals, Alloy – $29; Earrings, Urban Outfitters – $9.99; Bracelet, ASOS – $17.09

Obviously no one’s going to go to class with a white sheet wrapped creatively around their body  (we save that sort of stuff for the theme parties.), so I chose one very Grecian element and built the rest of the outfit around it. I love this drapey white tunic – it just screams Gorgo. I wanted it to really stand out so I paired it with leggings, which which really allow all the focus and attention to be on the top and accessories. (And since the top is long and covers the booty, it totally works.)

Naturally, gladiator sandals were the perfect footwear choice for this look, but I chose these ones in particular because you can really get the whole “Greek Goddess” effect by strapping these up your ankle, over the pants. At the same time, they’re totally on-trend so you won’t look like you’re 6 months late for Halloween. Finally, the gold accessories really complement the gold in the top and the gold in the sandals perfectly, bringing the entire outfit together.

In the end, you’ve got yourself a perfectly timeless look that works for both day or night and says, “Come back with your shield, or on it.” And who doesn’t want their outfit saying that?

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