The Senior Files: OMG I’m Graduating Soon Sh*t

Today, I was walking across campus on the way to my last class before Spring Break (CABO, HERE I COME!) and I had a HOLY SH*T moment. You know, one of those defining moments when reality slaps you hard across the face prompting you to stop dead in your tracks and scream HOLY SH*T.

Well, today reality slapped me with the inevitable fact that I am graduating from college in three months. Three short, tiny, baby-like months.

After having a minor panic attack, I started to think about what this really means to me and probably to all seniors out there. As cliché as it sounds, this really is the beginning of the end. Unless you’re sticking around for an extra semester (aka: for one more football season), college is practically over.

This is the end (or slow decline, I should say) of all things that aren’t socially acceptable outside in the real world: keg stands, aggressive day drinking, an affinity for theme parties, fast metabolisms, sleeping till noon, and – occasionally the college staple – the walk of shame (or the stride of pride, depending on how you look at it).

Partying aside, it is also the end of a wide community of people similar in age, interests, and passions. It is the end of an amazing network composed of great professors, advisors, peers, and faculty that have helped define your college experience. That have helped you grow, learn, and mature as a person over the past four years. Of course, you can still benefit from your future alma-mater by being alumni, but it’s just not the same feeling when you’re no longer an undergraduate. Just ask any alumni.

Most of us seniors have only two or three months left to partake in the unique American college experience. Despite whether you’ve had the time of your life in college or you can’t wait to get out, graduating is a big deal. A scary, exciting, nerve-racking kind of big deal. And it’s finally sinking in.

There is so much I feel like I need to do before I graduate – and even more that I want to do – and I really don’t have much time left. I haven’t even fooled around in the library stacks yet, which has been on my to-do list since freshmen year. (Ha. To-Do list. Get it?) So I took some inspiration from those hottie boys from The Buried Life and I made my very own Senior Year Bucket List. Below is a list of things I will do before I don that cap and gown. I’m going to make the most of these next 3 months and I hope to inspire other Seniors to do the same.

Get close to at least one professor. Having a mentor will open doors for you both intellectually, personally, and perhaps career wise. Professors are a great resource for recommendation letters too!

Day drink on campus with your best friends any chance you get. That’s right, it’s 1:00 in the afternoon in spring. What else do you have to do? You’re a senior and it’s most likely sunny outside. Go play.

Fool around in the library. Don’t act like this isn’t one of your fantasies. Shacking it in the stacks is as vital to my college experience as maintaining that 3.5.

Attend as many sporting events as you can. You’ll never get the chance to watch your fellow classmates and friends play sports at the college level again. Take advantage of student ticket prices while you still can.

Take a photo a day. Document your last days in college. Take pictures of everything that is your life: your room, your friends, your house, even your walk to class. Sure, you’ve made tons of memories that you’ll remember without pictures, but when you’re old, out in the real world and can no longer remember that college life, you can look back at these photos and remember how hot you were in your twenties.

Road trip somewhere, anywhere. Nothing like a good road trip for a weekend or just for a day to invigorate you and create a feeling of instant unity between friends. Turn down the windows, turn up the music and just drive.

Audition for one thing you’ve always wanted to do. Whether that is a dance group, an a capella group, a play, a musical, a teacher’s assistant position. Whatever it is – just go for it. Do something that scares you!

Buy some of your school’s apparel. Or grab all the free shirts that you can at events around campus. The love that you have your college now will only increase after you leave. Rep your school!

Do as much as you can. Always go out. Don’t stay in. This doesn’t meant you have to get crazy drunk to have fun; just go out and make the most of your college experience. See as many people as possible and soak it all in. It’s gonna be gone and over before you know it.

What’s on your list?!

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