The CC Weekly Weigh In: A Room Full of Heaven

I'll take 20 of you, please.

This week I celebrated a birthday and for the first time in my life I couldn’t think of one thing that I really wanted. I had already gotten all of my friends together (and to dress up in ridiculous costumes) for a party, I got a half dozen cupcakes (and 3 full cups of frosting!), and I spent the entire day on the phone with the most important people in my life. Oh, and my oldest friend took me out for all-you-can-eat sushi. What more could a girl want?

When my mother called to ask me what I wanted, then, I was stumped.

“Uh, I have no clue. I can’t think of anything.”
“Can’t think of anything? Are you drunk?” She asked.
“No, mom. Why do you always ask me that?” I replied, now realizing how inappropriate it would be to ask for booze….
“Well, just think about it. If you could have a room full of anything right now, what would it be?”
“Paul Rudds.”

I got a Starbucks gift card and an “I Love You, Man” DVD in the mail the next day.  Clearly, her little experiment failed (no matter how hard she would try, I know she’d never get Paul Rudd to agree to be cloned… and then stand in a small room to wait for me), but I realized what a great question it was. It’s just so telling about a person. So this week I posed the very same question to the CollegeCandy writers:

If you could have a room full of anything, what would it be?

What’s your answer?

Emmy – Loyola University Chicago: Ghiradelli dark chocolate filled with caramel, and New Orleans beignets from the Grand Luxe Cafe!

Sarabeth – University of Texas: It might not be creative, but MONEY!

Jill – Universtiy of Wisconsin: I would want a room full of chocolate chip banana bread that tastes so bad for you but – surprise! – is totally calorie free. And if the Backstreet Boys and/or Jason Segel could be in said room spoonfeeding the B-bread to me, well, that’s just bonus points.

Jasmin – University of Missouri: York Mints! York Mints and freshly groomed puppies!

Leah – Ryerson University: A Marc Jacobs boutique with everything in my size.

Brittany – University of Saint Thomas: Is it fair if we can take as many things from this room out as possible? If so, definitely round trip tickets to anywhere around the world. Nope. Change my mind. My answer is puppies.

Ness – Sheridan: My dream room would just be the biggest mattress, a grotesque amount of pillows and blankets, and bookshelves all over the walls filled with books and DVDs. Oh, and a plasma screen would be nice. Sleep, sex, relaxation, movies, and reading? I don’t think a room could get any better than that. Okay, so it’s not a room full of one thing, but DAYUM.

Alex – Lakehead University: A room full of PURSES! Designer ones, of course. I’m a total bag lady.

Lauren – University of Michigan: Chanel bags filled with Lucky Charm marshmallows. OMG, I just drooled thinking about it.

Katie – Michigan State University: Money. No joke, that would be awesome. Or designer shoes in my size. Same thing really.

Zahra – Northwestern University: I’d want a roomful of all the books that I’ve heard about and wanted to read but either forget their names or don’t have time to.

Christie – NC State: Clothes! Duh.

Meg – University of Delaware: I’d have a room full of cars: one for the weekend, one for weekdays, summer car, winter car, classic, new, you name it.

Kelly – Simmons College: Hundred dollar bills.

Brithny – Duke: Those plastic wrapping bubble things. I always pop every single one (minor OCD tendencies).

Charlsie – Hollins: If I could h ave a room full of anything, it would be a room full of Jelly Bellys. But only the flavors I like!

Jackelyn – San Francisco State University: A room full of food that is free of calories, but still fills me up with nutritional value. Yeah, that would be the life!

Norah – Drake University: Books. Oh wait, that’s a library, isn’t it?

Carly – Grinnell: Probably a room full of nonperishable baking ingredients. Flour, sugar, chocolate (oh, chocolate) . . . yes . . .

Kelly – University of Iowa: Kittens!

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