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The Party Girl’s 5 BFFs

Let’s be honest for a moment: house parties and bar hopping are all great weekend (or weeknight…or weekday…) activities, but they can get pretty exhausting for us ladies. We have to primp for hours, wear excruciatingly high heels and tight clothes, and still manage to look good after gettin’ low on the dance floor to whatever Black Eyed Peas song the DJ decides to play.

By the end of the night, our jacket is missing, the backs of our heels are bleeding, and our perfectly straightened coif is now plastered to our foreheads.

Not anymore! We at CollegeCandy have been perfecting the art of going out for a few years now and we’ve finally mastered it. Behold: the party girl’s 5 best friends that will get her through anything, from A (apartment party) to Z (ZBT boy in your bed the next morning).

1. The Wristlet

I’ve accumulated almost a dozen of these over the years, and for good reason. They don’t leave my wrist the whole night and they don’t get between me and double fisting. While my friends scope out a hiding spot for their giant purses that contain important things like money, IDs and house keys, only to lose track of them by the end of the night, everything I need is securely attached to me at all times. Not to mention they’re cute, affordable, and the perfect size! I can easily fit my ID, a wad of cash, my phone, camera, and lip gloss. Which is pretty much all you ever need.

2. Roll-up flats

We know why we love heels: they improve our posture, make our butt and legs look better, blah blah blah. And, let’s be honest, they are just fierce with that mini dress. And that’s all well and good when we’re inside, leaning as far over the bar as possible (to ease the pain in our baby toes/use our cleavage to get the bartender’s attention), but what about the long trek to and from? Sometimes, you’re lucky to make it there alive. Welcome to the best invention since the vodka tonic. Tuck these babies into your purse (or coat pocket) and unroll them when those heels become too much to bear. They even come with their very own bag so you can carry those pumps home in discreet style.

3. Listerine Pocket Paks

These little suckers take up less room than a pack of gum (so they can easily fit into #1) but give you amazingly fresh breath. Perfect for after a few beers so you’re ready for a dark-corner-makeout-sesh, or the occasional morning when you wake up next to your hot T.A. Roll over, give yourself a mental high five, and slip one of these onto your tongue before your morning breath can ruin the moment. Round two, anyone?

4. Boyfriend blazers

So, it’s too chilly to wear that tank to the bar, but you don’t want to lug a jacket around/spend last call searching through 120 identical black North Faces for the one you think belongs to you. Our savior: the boyfriend blazer. It’s cute, it’s trendy, and it’s light enough to wear inside but will still keep you warm on the walk home. And this one is cheap enough that you won’t be too torn up when that girl dumps her vodka cranberry down your sleeve.

5. Oil-absorbing sheets

We all like to think that “girls don’t sweat, they glisten,” but anyone who’s been gettin’ her groove on in a hot, sticky bar knows that girls sweat. A lot. And it ruins both their perfectly cat-eyed liner and their perfectly tousled hair. There’s not much help for the hair (beyond pulling it into some sort of chic, messy bun beforehand), but there is definitely a little something to help with what not-so-affectionately call “greasy face.” You’ve heard about them and now it’s time to embrace the Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. Life. Savers. They save your makeup, save your skin, and save you from looking like the hot mess in the bar. And even with all that, they still fit into #1.

Budget Stylista: Ahoy Matey!
Budget Stylista: Ahoy Matey!
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