Weekly Wrap Up: Springtime is Making Me Giddy

It is that time of year folks; time to dig out your flippy floppies, cut-offs and prance off to class in a spring air bliss.  Seriously, this time of year makes me feel like writing poetry, listening to Bon Jovi , and sparking up conversation with the campus squirrels. Yep, spring makes me so beyond happy, it is borderline frightening. Spring is most definitely, in the air.

But before we bust out the Franzia and slap the bag on the porch, let’s look at the week that was:

– The government is putting a wrench in the ‘T’ of ‘GTL.’ We looked at how Jersey Shore is paying for our health insurance.

– Oh college hook-ups. Did you ever think about what it would be like with the opposite…er…same sex? We did, and didn’t find it so bad.

– As if you need an extra reminder that Ellen Degeneres is the absolute bomb.com, we’ve got you covered.

– We looked forward to the awesome TV coming our way this spring.

– We had the (absolutely amazing) opportunity to chat it up with Jason Wade, lead singer of Lifehouse.

– In our lovely edition of Cosmo Says the Darndest Things, we learn the silly reasons he must be hiding his deepest of secrets.

– We wondered why Tina Fey and Lea Michele are considered ugly and if their characters are good or bad for women.

– We warned you of the annoying people you’ll encounter after Spring Break has come to a tan, hungover, and jet-lagged end.

– We broke down the ins and outs of Obama’s new health plan.

And now, at last, the week is done. So step away from the computer and go enjoy the beautiful weather outside. (Or take the laptop with you and Facebook-stalk from the lawn…if you can see your computer screen under this sunshine).

The Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hos, Skanks, and Models, Oh My!
The Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hos, Skanks, and Models, Oh My!
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