College Q&A: To Live Alone or Not To Live Alone….

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I was approved to have a single in the dorms next year. Yay! I was really excited about having my own space (and it’s so, so, so hard to get a single on my campus) with my friends down the hall. But then a few of my friends decided to get an apartment together off campus. They asked me if I wanted to live with them and I’m just not sure. On the one hand, I’d have to share a room and wouldn’t really have any privacy. But on the other, if they are all living together I’ll be alone in the dorms.

What would you do?

GPA Girl:
Tough choice, but a nice one for sure, since there are big perks to each living situation. I’m reading between the lines here, but it sounded to me when I first saw your question that you value privacy as a number-one priority. Is that right? If so, I think you should go with the single. It can be a refuge for you, and if you feel like being super-social and hanging out with your friends all the time, what’s stopping you? You and I both know plenty of people who only “live” in their rooms in the loosest definition of the word because they’re always out. On the other hand, if you choose to live with your girls, you’ll probably have to retreat to some cold and depressing corner of the library if you ever want to find any privacy at all. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the library, of course, but . . . well.) So it’s up to you, chica, but I’d nab that single while I could. Good luck!

Party Girl:
Trust me on this one – stick with the single! I have lived with roommates and I have lived alone… and living alone is far superior. You can keep your own schedule without feeling guilty about disturbing others. You can leave last night’s underwear lying around for as long as you can stand it without someone plotting to kill you.

Your friends will always be there, but thankfully, when you live alone, they don’t have to ALWAYS be there. You won’t be alone – far from it! The dorms are a great place to meet new people. You never have to spend a night sober when you live in the dorms (not that it’s super hard to find an excuse to drink when you live off campus…). Plus, your friends will be begging you for the sweet campus party hookups. No contest, sweetie.

Busy Bee:
It seems like you really enjoy living by yourself, which is different since most people I know prefer having roommates! Personally, I would take the single dorm and then make trips to visit my friends in their apartment or have them visit me. A dorm should be for taking a break from the world. Knowing that you can go out and have fun but come home to peace and quiet, is a pretty good feeling. And I am sure you will make new friends on your dorm floor! They don’t have to replace the ones you’ve got, but who doesn’t want new friends? At least it’s fun people to watch Gossip Girl with.

Also, seeing your two different reactions to having a single dorm (“Yay!) versus your reaction to rooming with your friends (“Just not sure…”) pretty much seals the deal. I’m sure you already know the right living situation for you. I know you feel like you’ll be missing out on time with your friends, but if they are your real friends, it doesn’t matter where you life.

Oh, and take it from my experience – it’s so much nicer to have down time in college, no roommate strings attached. Just a little food for thought.

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