The Best ‘Telephone’ Parody On The Interwebs [VIDEO]

I’ll be honest: while most people were out getting their drank on this weekend, I spent my time alone. In my apartment. Watching ‘Telephone’ parody videos on YouTube. And eating cookie dough out of a tub with a spoon.

And it was glorious.

What sent me on this voyage? A mixture of the sniffles, the fact that MTV was doing some weird Real World/Road Rules Spring Break challenges, and my obsession with the original ‘Telephone’ video. That sh*t is weird, so obviously there would be some pretty fantastic parody videos surfacing online. And boy were there. From dudes to dogs, everyone was getting in on the Gaga fun. And to spare you 12 hours of YouTubing, I present to you: the best of the best ‘Telephone’ parody. From the Diet Coke in Gaga’s hair to Beyonce’s role in this whole thing, it is spot on.

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