Can You Turn a DFM Into a Serious BF?

Spring break is long gone. You’re back at your non-tropical, cold slash rainy campus, and all you can do is reminisce about all those tequila shots, bonfire parties, and, most of all, that boy you met.

Everyone knows about the infamous DFM. Dance Floor Makeout, for those of you living under a rock (or some of my nerdier Asian friends). Usually they don’t last past a couple of songs, and definitely not past twilight. During this time of lip-locking and hip-grinding, you can definitely get a sense of whether you’re compatible or not. Trust me, some DFMs are just …bad.

But then that one good one comes along and it makes everyone around you dancing seem like they’re in slow motion, a gray blur in the background. He’s tan and ripped and the hottest guy in the club, and you’ve got him in your arms. All you can think about is the way your body seems to connect perfectly, like a jigsaw puzzle with only two pieces that fit together as if by magic.

Even though the DJ stops spinning, you both don’t want the night to end so you walk to the beach, hand in hand. Not just palm in palm, but the kind of hand-holding where you touch finger to finger, and hold on tightly like you’re never going to let go. You sit in the sand and listen to the waves crashing onto the rocks. You talk about your family, your friends, your likes and dislikes. It’s like an audio edition of Sparknotes: Life. And it’s better than any book you’ve ever read. You find out you both are obsessed with Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind, dislike chocolate, and have a dog back at home with the fam. And he only goes to school a few hours away. It’s just too perfect to end.

It’s already night number two out of the four-night package deal you booked with your friends, but you both make sure you see each other nights three and four. Night three was the night you made out in the water slide, and night four was the night in the lifeguard chair overlooking the star-shaped pool. That was also the night you found out he’s never had a serious girlfriend during college so far. And the night you had to say goodbye.

So now it’s been almost two weeks and all you have are texts to prove that he exists. Like most guys, he’s not an avid Facebooker and he would never get a Twitter, so using social media to stay in touch is pretty much inapplicable. You’ve texted back and forth a few times asking how school is going, but never longer than a couple texts in a row at one time. You’ve talked about him and his friend driving over and visiting, but it hasn’t happened yet. So now you wait…. and wonder.

And by “you,” I mean, “me.”

I’ve never had a DFM make it past the dance floor, and I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not. When I’m out with my friends and around new guys I sometimes think about him and how perfect it seemed. But how well can you really know someone in three days? I sometimes wonder if I miss him, or just the idea of him. Or if I even know him well enough to miss. What are the chances of meeting some random guy on Spring Break in the Bahamas and have it (whatever it is) carry across the Atlantic Ocean? Is it unrealistic to think something real can come out of a Spring Break fling? Am I wasting my time and energy on something that could never be real?

Maxim Says The Darndest Things: April Edition
Maxim Says The Darndest Things: April Edition
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