CollegeCandy Confessions: Fake Boyfriends

Let’s face it: we’ve all done some pretty ridiculous things in our lives. Things we think are totally logical in the moment, but make us cringe when we think about them later on. Like that time (OK, many times) that we pretended to be drunk to text the guy we’re crushing on. Things that we’d only tell our best friend over coffee on a Sunday morning, but only after we remind her of all the sloppy photos we can blackmail her with. Things that we hide from the people who love us (and judge us) most.

Things that even we, ourselves, wish we didn’t know about. But things that our friends, family, and fellow CollegeCandy readers are probably doing all the time, too.

So here is our chance to let it all out. To share our secrets and find that maybe we’re not so crazy, so weird, so abnormal, after all. We’ll spill the beans every Tuesday and invite you to share your own similar experiences below. Just think of it as therapy. Or a really hilarious way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Confession: I’m single. Very, very single. And for the most part, that’s fine. But for some reason I make up a boyfriend when I’m talking to strangers: store clerks, waiters, the annoying chatty people I sit next to on Southwest flights. (Gah! What is it about Southwest that makes people wanna be BFFs?!) I don’t know why I do it, but my stories get pretty elaborate, too. He’s got a name, a major, and summer job at a big bank in New York City. He loves sushi but hates my addiction to Thai food. We’re going up to his parents’ cottage for a long weekend soon, and, OMG, he’s just as obsessed with the Food Network as I am! Honestly, it’s sad and pathetic. These people are never going to see me again, but I still care that they think I’m in a serious, healthy and happy relationship with a dreamboat.

Got a confession? Get it off your chest here. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. How can we when we’re sitting here right now eating jelly with our finger?

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