5 Super Hot Summer Internships

The time has come.  The epic, (slightly short-lived) time of the year when applying for summer internships is at an ultimate high. Is it a coincidence this time hit during allergy season? Um, bummer.

But I have the remedy just for you that (in the long run) is better than Benedryl. It’s called Internships.com and it has over 20,000 internships listed, all of which are looking for a few good interns for this summer! Hollaaaa.

Since you’re sniffling and sneezing your way through the day, I thought I’d help you out and highlight some of the bomb-tastic positions Internships.com has to offer. This is only 5 of the coolest, but there are tons, meaning there is definitely an opportunity out there for you. Looking for a fun and educational way to spend your summer? Check out these bad boys:

Public Relations Internship in Paris – Absolute Internship Co., Ltd.
This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.  Not only will you be spending an entire summer in the romantic essence of Paris, you will be learning the ropes in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.  This is a Communication Major’s dream come true.  And if you don’t find your true love while eating buttered croissants next to the Eiffel Tower, you will be gaining a ton of valuable insight about the industry.  And the internship even offers ‘weekend activities’ to help learn about Paris culture and nightlife. Sign me up.

Photography Intern – EIC Ad Agency
This is a great opportunity to apply to one of the best small advertising agencies in Manhattan.  That part is huge. The responsibilities of the internship are: being involved in photography projects, shooting stock photos, and being intensely involved in the pre-production and post-production tasks.  This sounds like an awesome opportunity to learn and apply your skills to a real passion for photography. And who doesn’t want to spend an entire summer rubbing elbows in The Big Apple?

Event Marketing Intern – San Diego
Here, you can apply to a Marketing firm in San Diego that specializes in event promotions with clients from the sports, entertainment, and automotive industries.  Cars, sports, and entertainment? It sounds good to me. The firm is looking for individuals whom want their foot in the door at a fast growing marketing firm. So swing open that door and apply now!

Interior Design Intern – Chicago
For anyone looking for a chance to take a dive into their creative side, this is an extra awesome opportunity to do so. The design firm specializes in Universal Design for both commercial and residential clients (um, how fun). Two interns will be responsible for meeting with suppliers, assisting interior designers, CAD drawings,  3D computer rendering, and tons of other interior design lingo that my non designer self doesn’t really understand, but sounds pretty awesome. If you dream to have a life like the TV shows on HGTV, this is most definitely for you. Bonus points: I hear Chicago in the summer is pretty sick (in a good way).

TV/Film/Radio Intern – J. Anthony Brown
If you do not know who J. Anthony Brown is, let me inform you: he is an awesome comedian, writer and radio personality on the Tom Joyner Show. And he is looking for an intern to edit and film his comedy performances and spoofs to complete a live reality show. As if this could sound any cooler, this all will be taking place at The J. Spot, a very popular entertainment venue in Los Angeles (which, by the way, has featured Chris Tucker, Comedy Central, and BET’s Comedy View). Need I say any more?

As I said before, this is only a teeny tiny fraction of the internships listed on this site. So use that time during lecture (when you’re normally TFLN-ing) to see what’s out there and start gorging yourself with opportunity.

Just don’t forget a few key pieces of advice!

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I Love Your Style: Alexa Chung
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