Web Spy: Drunken Cooking

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We’ve all been there: you’re having a great time drinking at home with friends, when you suddenly get the munchies.  If you can’t find anyone sober to take you to the drive-thru at Taco Bell, then you either have to rummage around the cupboards for something edible — or you could attempt to cook something, like the people on the web show Drunken Cooking try to do in their weekly episodes.

Sound dangerous?  Definitely.  But it’s also freakin’ hilarious.

The team at Drunken Cooking (made up of “the chef” Lauren, her “assistant” Jon, and the cameraman/editor/director Brian) post a new episode every week in which they attempt to cook delicious recipes (such as breakfast burritos, stir-fry, and blueberry ice cream sauce) while completely trashed. And it is awesome. Seriously, I’ve got a soft spot for The Food Network and this is still easily the best cooking show I’ve ever seen – it’s simultaneously ridiculous, hilarious, and surprisingly informative.  In addition to recipes, they also post a few “helpful hints” episodes every week, which are mostly cooking/nutrition related with some useful tips, and are just as funny as the actual cooking episodes.

Another thing that makes Drunken Cooking unique (besides the whole “drunken” thing) is that all of the recipes are vegetarian – and if that makes any of the meat-lovers out there nervous, just add some bacon (even though the recipes are perfectly delicious meat-free, not to mention healthier for you, too).

As I said before, going anywhere near sharp or hot objects while intoxicated is probably not a good idea, and is best left to the “professionals” at Drunken Cooking (they do state in all their videos and on the site that they do NOT endorse trying what they do at home).  But you should definitely take a look at their videos for a laugh and then try the recipes sober–they’re delicious, fairly easy, and super cheap!

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