Would You Rather…

Happy Hump Day! Only 2.5 more days until the big, fat, delicious weekend full of ANTM Marathons and afternoon naps. (Which, in all reality, isn’t much different from today.) But there’s a lot to do between now and freedom, like that 200-page reading assignment, that Stats worksheet, and pondering this little sitch:

Would You Rather: get locked in a bathroom at a party for two hours with a drunk girl who can’t stop bawling, asking you for advice about her ex, and hugging you because, “OMG you’re like the best friend eeever!” OR with a drunk, disgustingly arrogant guy who won’t stop telling you about his conquests and making sleazy jokes?

Things To Consider: Your sanity, your personal space, just how dirty college bathrooms are. (Note: that last one really has no bearing on this situation, but just think about it. Ew.)

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