The CC Weekly Weigh In: It’s a Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and it is a Good Friday indeed. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and I’ve got a whole lot of Real Housewives and The Soup on my DVR just begging to be watched. In honor of the holiday (and the fact that the sun is putting me in a fantabulous mood!), I thought I’d have the CollegeCandy writers share what makes a Good Friday for them.

Personally, I haven’t really had a Good Friday since I was on the 4-day class schedule in college, but I guess knowing I won’t have to wake up at 6am tomorrow is as good as it’s gonna get out here in the real world. And that’s good enough for me.

What makes a Good Friday for you?

Rachael – University of Miami: My good Friday would probably be one in which I spend most of the day just relaxing and catching up with my student-professor discussion group and some friends I don’t see during the school week, followed by my dance class and either going out dancing from there or heading in for a low-key game night with my closest friends.

Brittany – University of Saint Thomas: First things first, my ideal good Friday begins waking up next to the Thursday night cutie and progresses into discussing recent evening shenanigans with the roomies.  Then accompanied by a venti Starbucks bev I will dissect the entire contents of Target. Good day.

Cristina – Michigan State: A good Friday to me is definitely knowing I did well on my math quiz and history quiz, looking and feeling great and going out to an amazing party that night (and flirting my face off).

Zahra – Northwestern University: A good Friday for me is a gorgeous sunny day, one class around noon so I’m forced to get up and actually enjoy the day, then going to the beach after class with my friends and planning our weekend.

Kelly – University of Iowa: A great Friday entails me being done with class at 1:30, going to the gym, FAC (Friday After Class bar specials) around 5, then heading to my place of employment where they let me drink for next to nothing. And ending the night sharing Marco’s Grilled Cheese with my boyfriend.

Emmy – Loyola University Chicago: My good Friday is when I can sleep in, go for a run in beautiful weather along the lake, eat chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, go with my best friends shopping and to lunch downtown, and have a picnic and bonfire party on the beach afterwards!

Lauren – University of Michigan: A good Friday includes at least 4 hours of TV/magazines/online shopping, followed by dinner with the roomies and Long Island Ice Teas on the patio at Good Time Charley’s. (Because they’re good and it’s the closest bar to my house.)

Carly – Grinnell: A really good Friday would involve chocolate cake and/or chocolate-chip cookies and a beautiful, sunny day. I’m pretty easy to please.

Katie – Michigan State University: If I don’t have anything to do on Saturday, then any Friday is a good Friday.

Elise – Stanford: My good friday includes lots of sunshine, no homework or looming deadlines, and all my friends having a night out.

Hannah- Assumption College: My really good Friday is canceled classes, the sun shining, plans to go shopping and a coffee in my hand.

Charlsie – Hollins University: I always have a good Friday because I never have Friday classes!

Julia – UC Berkeley: Hungover brunch, tanning on the sundeck, squeezing in a workout, and then going out and doing it all over again.

Alex – Lakehead University: A really good Friday = NO HOMEWORK. Sleeping in, maybe a good movie and some snuggling? I’m not too picky!

Jessica – Hofstra: My perfect Friday night is getting home early, putting on sweatpants, opening a bottle of wine with my friends, and watching Modern Family reruns.

Norah – Drake University: My good Friday is when I can spend the evening eating junk food and watching hours of “Say Yes to the Dress” with my friends.

Sara C – Fordham: A good Friday for me includes a nice, sweaty run to shake out the stress from the work week, followed by anything involving dinner and mojitos. And a hot shower, obviously.

Christie – NC State University: A good Friday for me would be if all my classes were canceled, I get to lay out, go out to eat, and just cuddle with my boyfriend for the rest of the night.

Kendra – University of Pittsburg: A good Friday for me is coming home after class and doing a 30 minute cleaning frenzy – wash dishes, make the bed, fold laundry, vacuum – before watching Oprah and taking a nap. It’s SO relieving for me to be able to clean up the mess I didn’t have time to take care of during the week!

Leah – Ryerson University: A relaxing day followed by a night at Dance Cave in Toronto.

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