One Month Challenge: Shopping Ban


That's not me. I wouldn't be caught dead in those shoes.

Everyone’s got a vice, a bad habit, something they know they need to change. Unfortunately, everyone also has a million excuses why they just can’t do it. Not anymore. Every month we will be following a different CollegeCandy writer as she takes on a personal challenge. Last month we followed Norah from Drake University successfully get her swell on. This month we’re following Kelly as she proves to her mom, and her wallet, that she can go one month sans shopping.

Hello. My name is Kelly, and I’m a shopaholic.

I get more delight out of buying a new pack of Hanes v-necks than eating a Marco’s grilled cheese after bar close. Vogue is my porn of choice. Updating wish lists on all of my favorite online stores would be my favorite hobby. The feeling I get when someone compliments an outfit is complete ecstasy, and when I click “Confirm Purchase” after a successful skirt hunt, I reach the purest levels of happiness.

In that moment, life is perfect.

And my bank account officially hates me. I haven’t been able to put any money into my savings account for months because everything left over after food+bills+booze=clothes. I currently owe $142 to American Eagle, $86 to Victoria Secret, and my credit card is at its limit. I hide bags in the trunk of my car and tell my boyfriend I spend only $50 when I spent $150. Money leaves my pocket faster than ugly waitresses claim they had an affair with Tiger Woods and Jesse James and I’m sick of it.

So this month is going to be a hard one. Not only do I have to go 30 days without purchasing new swim suits or sparkly tank tops or dresses for my cat, I seriously need to take a good, hard look at the money I spend. My mom has actually called many times to talk about my money management and “saving money for after graduation” or some bullsh*t like that, and I don’t want to disappoint my mama! I honestly have no idea how it’s going to go and if I’m going to be able to do it. But, at least I get to share my misery with you ladies.

Here’s to hoping that there are no new spring clothing window displays on the way to class next Monday. Or no tempting emails from RueLaLa this weekend. Or no VS catalogs coming to my mailbox during the entirety of April.

Oh god. I’m scared.

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