Blondes Have More Fun, Money, & Men?

As a natural brunette, I have backed up the phrase, “blondes have more fun” with “boys date blondes, men date brunettes” and it has worked out great. So what if blondes have more fun? I’ll be the one pulling ahead down the road with my dapper Mr. Big and my killer job. Take that blondies! Real men want this dark mane. Ha!

But now I’m beginning to realize that maybe my brunette locks aren’t doing so much for me after all.  In a recent article it is stated that blonde women are paid 7% more than brunettes, red heads and even those people dabbling in the purples, pinks and blues. (OK, maybe those last few aren’t so surprising.) And if that isn’t enough bad news for those of us not blessed with Blake Lively’s luscious locks, it looks like blondes also tend to marry wealthier men.

WTF? Can’t you leave a little somethin’ somethin’ for the rest of us?

This better mean there are more people with blonde hair running around; that is the only explanation I can come up with. Or that it costs more to upkeep a blonde mane, so people can afford to dye their hair blonde after landing that amazing job. Or maybe blondes really do have more fun and land the successful business men who need a good time. Or maybe blondes never have fun and still make as much as everyone else does, and these statistics are about as authentic as The Hills.

So what do you have to say about all this? What is it about blondes? Is going blonde the key to every woman’s future success, or is this study just bananas?

I’m ‘dyeing’ to know (tee hee) what you think. I’m also making an appointment at the salon to bring back those golden highlights. With graduation looming, I’ll take any advantage I can get!

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