Wardrobe Wish List: Jasmine Di Milo Strapless Knot Cocktail Dress

This week’s craving may be the most “wish list” inspired post I have ever written. Sure, some of the JCrew necklace tees and delicate Etsy accessories I’ve gushed over were a little on the pricey side, but purchasing them (which happened on more than one occasion) came with the sacrifice of a couple of happy hours….not my rent for the month.

So sadly, this week, I am drooling in front of my computer screen, imagining all of the swanky cocktail parties I could mingle in, while I sit in my sweats on my parents’ couch (after indulging a little too much in a home cooked Easter meal).

But hey, we all know us girls can dream. And I’m sure more than one of us will be a-dreamin’ of Jasmine Di Milo’s Strapless Knot Cocktail Dress.

It’s red-carpet dramatic, but in such an effortless way. The asymmetrical draping gives a casual naturalness to a dress that oozes sophisticated chic.

My favorite part has to be the drizzled caramel effect, with the copper-toned satin gathering for a side-knot at the ribcage and draping down the body.

Realistically speaking, I doubt many of us have anywhere to wear this little number (frat house parties and local bars really aren’t appropriate venues for a cocktail dress). Although if a wedding invitation arises I could see pairing this with a pair of strappy gold heels and some chandelier earrings for a glamorous and classy ensemble.

Then again, we wouldn’t want to take the spotlight off of the bride, and with this dress on there would be no competition.

I’m going to go scour Ebay now; you better not battle me out in bidding.

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