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Breaking Up With Spring Break: A Guide

I am currently going through my most difficult breakup yet in college: my relationship with Spring Break has ended. This was the first year I went away for the week, and I must say I’m appalled that anyone expects me to just come back to campus and start going to class and (gasp) STUDYING. Can’t I at least get a week of mourning, people!? Let’s compare…

Last week, I woke up and looked at the beach from my 10th floor balcony (and then I shotgunned a beer).
This morning
, I woke up at the crack of dawn and dragged my ass to 3 hours of lecture. I was also informed that I would have 2 exams this week. WTF.

Last week, I went to the bars every night and probably didn’t buy a single drink for myself.
This week.
..OH WAIT, no time for the bars, I have to study and catch up on papers/project/readings.

Where is my bikini, where is my tequila sunrise, and most importantly, WHERE is that cute boy with the six-pack that I made out with on the beach!?!?!

I know many of you ladies are going through a similar breakup, so here are just a few of the things that are helping me through this most difficult time:

1. Going through pictures
A picture is worth a thousand words (or a thousand drunken slurs). While they might not all be Facebook-appro, they’ll help ease the pain and bring you back to paradise! (Note: these especially come in handy if you don’t exactly remember when they were taken…)

2. Retelling stories
I don’t know about you guys, but I have about 15 lunch and dinner dates planned for this week to fill in my friends on all the juicy deets of my trip (especially the ones who stayed home with their parents all week). If the look on their faces after hearing about my Brad Pitt lookalike and amateur-night-at-the-strip-club adventures (both true, thank you very much) doesn’t ease the pain, I don’t know what will.

3. Showing off the tan
Compliments on your gorgeous tan can never get old. Especially if you’re me. My parents deny it, but I’m pretty sure there’s a hint of Spanish in my blood. Now’s the time to break out all your bright-colored shirts and dresses and milk it for all it’s worth before it fades!

4. Work it out
Although I’m dreading getting back into a normal routing, I’m kinda psyched to hit the gym again. A week of straight drinking and drunk eating has left me with a very unsightly beer/tequila/rum belly, and with bikini season just around the corner, it’s gotta go!

5. Texts From Last Night Week
The brains behind this website definitely had the right idea, because I’ve spend the past couple of days reliving my vacation by clicking through my inbox (and laughing out loud in the middle of class…oops!). The cute texts from boys, incoherent texts from your friends (“whereeereee areouo !?!?” “danciengf with hto guy fro;m beahc!!!”), even the “miss you!” text from mom, all remind you of the week you spent in paradise!

Don’t be fooled, though; while these little activities do help ease the pain a bit, like all relationships, only time will heal this hole in my heart. Unfortunately, by the time that happens, this killer tan will be long gone.

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