Campus Couture: Victoria, Simmons College

[While everyone is fabulous in their own right, we thought we should celebrate the campus fashionistas of the world for their continued excellence in not looking like a hot mess for class. So, we started stalking those girls on campus (can we just talk about Jessica’s romper?) to get a few pics and get some tips on their personal style.

And maybe a restraining order or two.

But it’s worth it to highlight fresh, unique wardrobe choices that show personality and the courage to wear what you believe in. You think you’ve got some major style? Know someone else who’s always looking ferosh? Think the world needs to see what she can do?  Send us an email with some photos and she could be the next fashionista celebrated right here.]

Victoria is one of the most creative people I know. She’s an art and marketing major who can make anything look perfect, whether it’s her website, her dorm room or herself.

There’s really no way to classify Victoria’s style. She knows how to mix casual and extravagant pieces, creatively combines west- and east-coast style, and always has the perfect accessory to top it off. She’s definitely one of the best-dressed girls at Simmons.

On Victoria: Sweater – Ruth from Anthropologie; Skirt – Urban Outfitters; Shirt – Only Hearts (Santa Monica); Scarf – Missoni;  Clutch – Marc Jacobs; Sandals – Jack Rogers;  Checkered Bracelet – J Crew;  Gold Bangles – Pier 1 Imports; Gold and Turquoise Bracelet – Marc Jacobs; Earrings – H&M

Name: Victoria Solomon
Year: Junior
Program: Marketing/PR and Studio Art

1. Describe your personal style. My personal style is what I like to describe as “future-rich-housewife-hipster-royalty.”  I love gold, fur, purple, and anything slightly extravagant.  You’ll never see me wearing silver.  I love bright scarves and also, velvet leggings because jeans can be uncomfortable.

2. Complete this sentence: You can’t leave your house without…. My handbag.  Usually my handbags are brightly colored with gold hardware. So, even if I’m wearing all black, my outfit isn’t completely boring.

3. What are your favorite stores to shop at? I love Urban Outfitters, H&M, Juicy Couture, and Marc Jacobs.

4. What/who is the biggest influence on your style? The biggest influence on my style is English royalty from the 1700 to 1800s.  I love the extravagance of gold, gems, fur, pearls, and lace.  Will I go all out in all of it?  Not so much, but a little touch of it here and there, makes me feel like a queen.

5. What’s your favorite trend, past or present? My favorite trend is sweatpants in college.  It’s the only time in my life I can wear sweats around everyday and not be completely scrutinized.  And with all the super tight jeans, jewelry, and heels, secretly I just would love to wear sweatpants all day long, every day.  So, I’m totally taking advantage of the “college-fashion” trend while I can.

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