What if Bristol Palin Wasn’t An Idiot? [VIDEO]

So Bristol Palin’s got a new PSA out there reminding young teens to think before they get nakey. In it she asks a lot of questions, which prompted some questions of our own:

[gorillanation id = 141181]

What if Bristol Palin wasn’t getting child support from the sale of nude photos of her uber-hick baby daddy?

What if Sarah Palin taught her daughter about contraception before Levi put his P in her V?

What if Bristol didn’t have a team of hair stylists with a Bump-It arsenal?

What if they couldn’t see Russia from their house?

What if Bristol didn’t spend her life complaining about being a mom and telling the world how much she regrets having a child?

Yeah, we get it: being a teen mom is hard. But maybe it’s time to stop bitching about it and start doing something, anything, else*.

*Excludes running for office/starring in a reality TV show about your Alaskan life. We’ve had enough of the Palin family, thankyouverymuch.

RIP Thomas Angove, Inventor of Boxed Wine
RIP Thomas Angove, Inventor of Boxed Wine
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