It’s Alcohol Awareness Month – Are You Aware of Alcohol?

Once Thursday rolls around, college students are ready and raring to hit the juice and let loose. After spending countless hours primping and priming for a night out, you mix your first drinkie and your second, your third. You dance the night away to Rihanna and take advantage of the bar deals until you’ve lost count of the drinks you’ve had and you’re visiting your cupboards for some Easy Mac.

That is the great thing about a night out on the town: your worries wither away and nothing else matters but the party. But the worries will come back and sometimes, so will your dinner.

As April is Alcohol Awareness Month, we at College Candy thought it would be a vital time to point out some of the things you may not be thinking about between tossing back that Scooby Snack and hopping in the next game of flip cup.  When mission: have fun is the prominent factor on your mind, it is hard sometimes to remember the cost of tipping a few back.

We Drink a Lot of Cheeseburgers:
Did you know you have to walk the entire length of a football field to burn off the calories for one M&M? One! Now, consider this even further: what if you could compare how many cheeseburgers you drank last night?  Well you can, on an e-chug survey online. Through this survey you can document your drinking habits and find out how many cheeseburgers you “drink” in a given month.  After putting in my information (8 standard drinks a month) in one month, I drank 4 cheeseburgers. (And I was being conservative with  my estimates!) To burn that off? I would have to run 10-minute miles for 2 hours and 27 minutes.

We Drink a Lot of Money:
I spend about $20 dollars a week on drinks in college. How much is that in an entire year? That is $1,040.00. Um, whoa sister. You could have nearly 1,000 iTunes downloads, or a brand new Chanel purse, or you could travel! Don’t even get me started on how many phone bills I could have paid with that cash money.

We Drink a Lot of Sleep:
I know when I take part in a night of drinking, I wake up at the crack of dawn and can’t fall back asleep.  It is pretty safe to say alcohol and sleeping do not go as well together as Sunny and Cher. Or Jager and pizza. While alcohol decreases the time it takes to take to fall asleep (well, duh) it disrupts the second half of the sleep period. This totally makes sense, since a night after drinking I feel like I’m a terrible driver,  really unproductive, crabby, and exhausted.

We Drink a Lot…Alone:
It seems that I am a lone ranger in terms of drinking in America (I know this sounds bananas at first since in college-ville drinking is a favored activity). But, according to my e-chug survey, 77% of American women drink less than me in a typical week. Wait, what?   I consider myself to be a smart, and part-time alcohol consumer, I was vastly unaware that more than half the American population drinks less than me.  That is a huge reality check, considering I am budding into the job world.

We Drink a Lot of Time:
Quite literally, think of all the time spent drunk. Think of all the sober time you can spend with your friends, shopping (always productive), or trying out new restaurants.  Let’s say the average college student is drunk (and awake) at least 5 hours a week.  That is about 180 hours a year. Drunk. That is a lot of valuable time you could have been (I know it sounds nerdy) visiting museums, reading books for pleasure, or applying for awesome jobs. It’s pretty simple, getting wasted wastes a lot time.

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