College Q&A: Public Enemy Number One

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I’m in a pickle. Yes, I just said pickle. I recently drunkenly made out with a boy who lives on my hall. If that’s not bad enough, his ex GF is in, like, all of my classes and saw it happen (it was at a frat party….I know, embarrassing). Now she’s seriously giving me major sh*t for it and even bitched me out in the hallway in front of one of our lectures. I don’t think I owe her an apology (they were BROKEN UP), but I also don’t want any enemies. Especially because final projects are coming up for one of our marketing classes and there’s a chance we might be in a group together. What the eff am I supposed to do!?

GPA Girl:
Yikes! That really is a pickle. It sucks that this girl is making life difficult for you because of something that was embarrassing but not really a bad thing of you to do. I mean, I’m sure you feel bad enough about it already. As hard as it may be (and as much as you shouldn’t have to do it . . .), maybe you should talk to this girl. Write her an e-mail or pull her aside in the cafeteria or something and just say, “Hey. I am really upset because of the way you’ve been treating me around campus, and I just want to ask you to stop, please, because I don’t have anything against you and would like to put this behind us.” If she keeps being totally bogus, I recommend just avoiding her as much as possible. It’ll become pretty clear pretty quick to anyone watching that SHE’s the one with the issue, not you.

Party Girl:

I actually don’t see any issues here. I mean, when you party and have a good time (and making out with a hottie at a frat party sounds like a good time to me), you always run the risk of an awkward encounter in the weeks following. And I don’t think your rando make-out partner’s ex-girlfriend should be a problem either. Just brush it off and move on with your obviously awesome life. Ignore her. She sounds like a stressy pile of bitch. She’s only in one of your classes and it’s only for one semester. Even if she ends up in your group, she’s only one person and the rest of the group won’t let her ruin things for everyone. This will blow over in like a week and before you know it, you and this chick will be throwing back shots at the next frat party and laughing about your boy toy’s bedroom moves.

Busy Bee:
Yes, pickle would be the correct term. I have a feeling that if you tried confronting the girl, she would spread some more nasty rumors about you. Right now, I honestly think the best thing you can do is just ignore her. She isn’t worth your time and, clearly, her mind is messed up from the break up. I don’t know if the guy and his ex is still close, but if you can, try talking to the guy. Tell him what’s going on and that you just want to stay out of it. I seriously think that this is unnecessary drama!

If you two girls get stuck in a group for marketing, just tell the prof you want to switch groups, or avoid being in the same group at all costs. Look, summer is almost here and your best bet is just push through the rest of this semester without her in your life.

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