The Weekly Ten: Best Party Themes Ever

Costumes make everything better.

Every week you can count on a couple things: Drama on the Real Housewives, Mondays being a painful necessity of life and of course, the Weekly Ten.

Everyone gets stuck in the same routine on the weekends. Drink, drank, drunk. From frat parties to the bar, the whole thing can get a little tiresome. Here’s the bottom line: Parties are great. Parties with a theme? Even better. Here are the top ten party themes to throw or participate in.

10. Jungle
Any excuse to get some use out of those zebra pumps and leopard push up bra. Oh and to make some deathly jungle juice to feed the zoo of drunken college animals.

9. ABC (anything but clothes)

From duct tape to bubble wrap, this one is a sure winner and a great way to get creative with all those US Weekly mags that are piling up on your coffee table.

8. Stoplight

Simple and gets to the point that everyone wants to know: wear red for taken (or boring), yellow for “confused” or “it’s complicated” (really?), and green for good to go.

7. Hollywood

Dress up like your celeb doppelganger or that Hollywood trainwreck that you want to be for just one night. Yeah, I’ve rocked this as Miley Cyrus before. It’s amazing how many dudes wanna get with that girl…

6. Hipster

As everyone may know, this is my favorite trend. Break out your neon flannel, Nike dunks, skinny jeans and Ray-Bans and stock up with PBR. Make sure your iTouch is fully loaded with Cut Copy and Girl Talk and slap on your ironic accessories (swatch watch, visor, etc) for a good time.

5. CEOs & Office Hos
You wanna play secretary and the boss tonight? Here’s the perfect excuse to hike up that pencil skirt and snag that hottie who just looks so damn good out of his hockey jersey and suaved up in a suit and tie.

4. Top Gun
Bring your bestie wingman and your aviators.

3. Jersey Shore
Jagerbombs, Red Bull and vodka, Heineken and Muscle Milk are all a must. Finally get some use out of that nasty Ed Hardy shirt that you bought when it was trendy for 2 seconds (maybe). Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a Ronnie? Or at least get to lick some Situation-worthy abs. Beat up the beat and grab your banana clip.

2. Tea Partay
Based on my favorite lifestyle of all time, perfected in the YouTube. Seriously, no one is harder than a New England gangster. Slip into your topsiders and argyle and party til your pearls fall off.

1. Vegas

Gambling, drinking and being scantily clad? Nothing like Vegas, but bring the next best thing to your party. Get the games really going and get to the point with Vegas Spin the Bottle. Guaranteed to snag you that hottie.

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