Wardrobe Wish List: Anthropologie Splatter Sneakers

Something from Anthropologie is always on my wish list (okay, maybe more like five or six things), but I decided a long time ago that a column based solely on their merchandise would be a tad boring, especially for those of you that aren’t obsessed with their girly-vintage-hippie chic vibe.

So in order for an Anthropologie item to make it to the top of the wish list for the week, it has to be something special. And that is exactly what the Splatter Sneakers are.

Amazingly special…and to-die-for.

I love my Converse. I could wear them every day with every outfit. Hell, they’re so worn in I could sleep in them.

But obviously a plain sneaker gets old, and I often sigh a huff of sadness knowing that I have to leave them in my closet for the jeweled flats that will only leave me with multiple blisters.

This is why I am so excited that these sneaks from Anthropologie are a step up in chic factor from your typical sneaker. The pattern is totally artsy, a dark grey background splattered with bleach specks that sort of remind me of blazing suns (perfect way to pay homage to this lovely weather I think). Plus, the rubber sole and breathable canvas material makes them super comfortable, and you can’t get any easier with the unlaced top.

I can see them adding a douse of street-cool to some skinny jeans and a blousy top, or grounding a flirty summer dress with a hint of laid-back surfer girl.

And the best part? Wait for it…they are only $40.00. No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. You can actually walk into Anthropologie and walk out with something adorable while still being able to afford lunch that week.

And that, my friends, is why these sneaks are at the top of my wish list this week. Tell me you’re not in love.

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