8 Under $20: Leggings


I’ll admit, a few years ago when leggings came back in style, I thought there was no way I’d wear them. In fact, I told everyone I knew that I’d rather “walk around pants-less than try and pass off some leggings as pants.”

Obviously, I’ve since eaten my words. Leggings are now a staple in my wardrobe and I often wonder how I lived without them. They’re versatile, comfortable and affordable. I wear them to the gym, to class, to work and to party. Not even jeans can do that. And there are so. many. different kinds now! Forget those basic blacks, leggings come in all sorts of colors and patterns now, meaning even more opportunities to wear ’em. Here are a few pairs you can rock out for under $20.

Betsey Johnson is known for her fun, flirty styles and these snakeskin print leggings live up to her reputation.  You can wear these with a graphic tee for daytime or a sexy top and stilettos for night.

Take a walk on the wild side (or pay homage to Peggy Bundy) with these leopard print leggings. Yes, they seem like a lot, but leopard is very big this season and you can easily tone these down by pairing them with an oversized solid top and some basic black flats.

Think of these baby blues like a pair of jeans: they’re neutral and will go with just about anything. My pick: an oversized tee or button down and a pair of sandals or flats.

If you’re not quite ready for a patterned legging but you’re sick of your boring black pair, these are for you. The zippers on the ankles give them just a little extra spunk and they look adorable with flats.

The lace/damask print on these is casual enough to be worn with a plain top for daytime classes, but stylish enough to be paired with heels and a sexy top for a night out with your fabulous friends.

Denim leggings (AKA jeggings) are back for another season and finding this pair at Anthropologie for half-price makes ’em even sweeter.

So they’re not technically UNDER $20 (they’re exactly $20), but, really, $20 is totally worth it for a pair of adorable, vintage-inspired pedal pushers.

Who says you can’t go bright? The pop of color and classic plaid print is a perfect spring combo. Throw a loose black or white tank on top and you’re done.

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