Sam Adams, You May Hate College But I Love You

You may know Sam Adams as the guy who made that beer that your guy friends drink when they want to get fancy, but I know him as the hot Trinity poli sci major, soccer captain, supa fly rapper (oh god that hurt to write) who can rhyme and sing and just basically steal the hearts of every college girl around right now.

Don’t believe me?  Check his Facebook page.  Everyone wants him to come to their town and every girl wants to have her way with him (present company TOTES included), and rightly so.

Sam first came on the scene with his remix of Asher Roth’s (another adorable college MC) “I Love College,” called “I Hate College.”  I heard it in a guy friend’s dorm room one morning, deeply hungover waiting for him to choose a pinny to wear to breakfast, and it changed my musical life.  I searched through literally everything I could find on this guy, and when he started releasing his singles, then eventually his EP, I died.

I listened to “I Hate College” so many times that my roommates wanted to strangle me…until they started loving it too.  I just love that song, especially since he refers to himself as Sammy (Sammie + Sammy = fate).  The beat is good, the artist is hot and, oh yeah, it is completely on point with how I feel about college: “I hate college but love getting laid, social life swagger at night when the sun fades.” Perfection.

After personally contributing around 138,000 of the 139,000 YouTube views, I was alerted by text/Facebook/the Google Alert I set up for this dreamboat when his latest video came out for “Driving Me Crazy.” And I fell in love all over again.  Especially the part where his mom calls him.  I know that’s weird, but whatever – the heart wants what it wants.

Anyway, so now Sam Adams is blowing up.  He’s traveling everywhere, and he’s playing all over the country, and is even appearing on E!  He is so going to be stupid crazy famous by next year, so I would just like to be the one to bring it up: I am in love and I don’t care who knows it.  His lyrics are funny and light and every single one of his songs is something that you can jam to.  Plus, he even did a remix of “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, so just when you think he couldn’t get any better, he does.  I honestly never thought I would be such a huge fan of a rapper, but there you have it.

Sam Adams, you are driving me crazy and I would love to be your lady.

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