Web Spy: Party School Texts

By now, everyone knows and loves (and quotes) the website Texts from Last Night. (Even my parents.) Most college students can relate to the drunken and crazy antics described in the texts show up on there. I know my friends and I can spend entire afternoons poring over that site, laughing until we pee a little.

And now there’s a new site out there inspired by TFLN that promises the same kind of fun and amusement: Party School Texts.

Like TFLN, Party School Texts works by having people submit the hilarious texts that they’ve either received or sent themselves.  What’s different, however, is that it’s geared exclusively at college students.  Founded by four college students in Florida, Party School Texts seeks to determine which school in the country is truly the #1 party school by ranking the drunk texts sent by its students.

Do I smell a Nobel Prize?

Instead of identifying the texts by area code, Party School Texts lists them by the college they were sent from.  Visitors to the site can then vote for each text as awesome (“Rock on!”) or totally “Lame-o,” which either adds a point or deducts one from the school’s ranking.  The schools with the top five highest amounts of points are listed on the site’s front page.

Curious to see if your school is ranked (or thinking about transferring to a school that is)?  Check out Party School Texts to see the current top 5 schools.  Since the site is still new, there aren’t many colleges represented so the rankings may not be “accurate” (the top 2 schools listed are both in Florida, where the site’s creators go to school….iiiintresting), but as more people hear about it and people from more schools send in their texts, it’ll be fun (and another great procrastination tool) to see what the “true” top party schools are.

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