Duke It Out: Tie Dye

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The fashion industry loves to bring back old fashion trends. Sometimes that’s a good thing (hello, waist-cinching belts!); other times, not so good (‘80s linebacker shoulder pads, really?). And then there are those times when I’m just not quite sure what to think. Enter tie dye. Yep, this flower child trend is back on the runways and it’s got me scratching my head. Help me out here ladies, “tie do” or “tie don’t”?

I can sort of see the appeal of tie dye; it tends to be bright, which is always great, particularly in the warm months. It also has a cool abstract thing working and since abstract patterns have been very in for a while now, this look makes perfect sense. On top of that, tie dye has that easy “I totally didn’t spend an hour and a half staring at my closet to pick out this outfit” vibe. Basically, it’s got everything you’d want from your fav beach dress, but now you can wear it around town without having to claim it’s laundry day. Bonus points for the potential DIY factor.

Actually if I hadn’t spent my youth going to ‘70s themed parties and learned that tie dye was a bad cliché, I would probably like it – unfortunately I did go to all of those parties (seriously, why did everyone I knew have a hippie party?) and I just can’t get that out of my head! To me they always look a little messy, and a little cheap – like that fav beach dress – and if I’m going to go that far out on a limb for fashion, I expect to look five star. Also, I haven’t really seen anyone other than celebs rocking this look, so I have to wonder if maybe I’m not the only one having second thoughts about it.

So am I letting costume memories get the best of me? Or is this really not as hot as the mags would have us believe? Will you be working it out in tie dye this summer? Or is this trend best left to the professionals?

Duke it out!

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