Weekly Wrap Up: April Showers Bring May Power Hours

Red cups?
Grilling out?
Outdoor tippy cup?

I’ll take it. And it’s about time. With graduation looming, college students are taking in the beautiful weather (around a beer pong table) and ending the final semester with an outdoor celebration.  I love this time of year – half of the student body is playing ultimate frisbee in the quad (please note: guys. shirtless), while the other half is tossing bags in their front yards.  And let me tell you: it’s a rough life but someone’s gotta live it.

So before we all escape the library to bask in the sun (and catch up on this week’s Glee), let’s look at a week that was:

– If there was a reward for ‘Biggest Douche Bag,’ this frat boy and his crazy rating system would win. We don’t even think Kanye would stand up to argue.

– Speaking of douchiness, we looked at the douchiest ways to dump someone.

– We worried about all the change, change, change coming for college seniors.

– We listed the reasons why Abercrombie & Fitch is the worst place on earth.

– We were lucky enough to speak with the ever talented and down to earth, Jason Castro, about his new album and American Idol.

– We got a behind-the-scenes look at TextsFromLastNight with co-creator, Ben Bator.

– We learned the difference between texting our friends (“What up, biznatch?!”) and emailing our profs.

– We questioned the meaning of virginity.

And now we’re dunzo. Time to toss the books aside, fill that Nalgene bottle full of sangria and hit the quad. If only we had this handy-dandy swimsuit…

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