WTF Friday: All Your Friends Have Herpes

Careful friend, he's got herpes.

…Or at least that’s what CNN is saying in a recent article entitled “The Downside of ‘Friends With Benefits.'” If reading about FWBs on CNN isn’t disturbing enough, perhaps this will make you WTF:

“When Jennifer Nicholas sees television shows or movies where characters “hook up” or have sex with “friends with benefits,” she cringes, because that’s how she got herpes.”

Seems to me like Ms. Jennifer is just hanging out with the wrong crowd.

I agree there are many downsides to the FWB – awkward mornings, awkward silences, generally awkward encounters – but I’m fairly certain there is no direct relation between drunkenly doin’ it with your former BFF and needing a prescription for Valtrex.

Poor Jennifer, though. Girlfriend needs some new friends.

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My Life As… A Fashion Student
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