From CollegeFashion: Fancy Dresses for Daytime

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I received a request for a Fashion Challenge focusing on wearing a night-out dress for daytime and thought it would be a perfect topic for this week’s article. I love the idea, not only because I personally love the look, but also because it’s a great way to be stylish on a budget. We all have those special dresses we buy for specific events, and wearing them during the day instead of hiding them in the back of your closet will help your wardrobe do double-duty. After all, no one wants to be wasteful. Why hide all those pretty dresses away? They deserve to be worn!

The challenge to wearing a fancy dress for daytime is keeping the look tasteful – you don’t want to look like you’re making the walk of shame back to your dorm room after a long night out. Hopefully, the photos and tips below will inspire you to rock this look your own way. Are you up to the Fashion Challenge?

Tips and Tricks

1. Consider a chic layering piece. A great way to tone down a party dress for day is to add a casual jacket or shirt. Elizabeth Banks (above) opts for a jacket in spring’s hottest fabric (denim, for those of you who have been living under a rock). Also above, Kristani A. added a pop of daytime color to her sparkly party frock. If a jacket is too predictable, try a cardigan or your comfiest flannel as seen here:

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