Esquire Says: Men Love Curves

I’ve always stood by the belief that curves are the sexiest asset a women could possess. As a naturally curvy woman myself, it is reassuring to watch Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Kate Winslet, and many other women make hips and thighs a fierce commodity. So when bodacious Christina Hendricks began waltzing around the offices of Sterling Cooper in Mad Men, I couldn’t be happier that another bodacious, curvaceous actress was hitting stardom.

I’m not the only one who thinks Hendricks and her curves are sexier than Megan Fox and Adriana Lima combined. Why? She beat out both of them in Esquire’s Best Looking Woman in America. Hendricks took the number one spot with 30% of the votes over Adriana Lima (2nd) and Megan Fox (3rd). It’s about time! Hendricks is known for her yummy curves, and she should be recognized. The woman is absolutely stunning.

Honestly, I’m ecstatic. Not only does this mean I may or may not go treat myself to a scone later at Starbucks (hint: I will), it means curvy women are making an impact in Hollywood, where the definition of sexy is often created.  That is empowering! It is reassuring to know sexy is becoming easier and more natural day by day, beginning with covers of Christina Hendricks flaunting all that her mama gave her (with Megan Fox no where in sight).

Work it, girl.

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