Some Campuses Know How To Party on 4/20

Tomorrow is 4/20, also known as “Let’s Get Stoned Day.” Or, for me (and Michael Phelps), just another Tuesday.

While most people will celebrate this national holiday behind a hanging tapestry in the privacy of their dorm room with 12 bags of chips and a tub of frosting, there are some schools that turn it into a campus affair.

Cue my regret for choosing the wrong school.
And pass the Cheetos.

UC Berkeley – People’s Park Celebration
Last year, more than 1,000 people joined this pot-extravaganza to celebrate with (slow) dancing, (lots of) eating, and (passionate) speeches. I can just see it: people cooking rice and beans under the shade of a willow tree, with and endless supply of Cliff Bars and positive feelings. Utopia.

University of California, Santa Cruz – Celebration at Porter Meadow
Not even a lack of shuttle services or parking stops UCSC students from hiking up Empire Grand for a glassy eyed, sunny day in Porter Meadow come 4/20. “National Pot Smoking Day” has turned Parker Meadow into a ‘baked circus’ every year at the University. Vendors set up in the field to feed the munchies of nearly 5,000 people while bands perform, ‘Santa Cruz 420’ t-shirts are handed out, and a soft haze sits over the meadow. Sounds like a party.

Colorado University at Boulder – 4/20 Smoke-out
Last year 10,000 students and residents came out to Norlin Quad to hit the bong. 10,000! Campus police have announced they’ll be ticketing people in possession of marijuana going to or from the Smoke-out this year, but I have a feeling no one’s gonna care as long as they’ve got a $5 foot long in their hands.

University of Redlands – ‘4/20 Fest’ at Pharaoh’s Theme Park
Although this concert celebration does not outright announce it as a pot-smoking event, it is held annually during the infamous 4/20 weekend. And this description may say it all: “…the audience is encouraged to dream and immerse themselves into otherworldy magic.’ Read: come stoned.

University of Michigan – Hash Bash
Centered around the goal to reform the legalization of marijuana, this celebration is sprinkled with speeches, live music, a man dressed as a hot dog, street vending (which, I’m hoping, means lots of grub), and a whole lot of hashish. Hash Bash has been going strong (or stoned…) for 28 years. Last year, thousands came to get really baked support the event.

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Wardrobe Wish List: Eliza J. Pleated Dress
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