The DuoBinder Saves the Day (Or Your GPA)

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Duo Binder. All opinions are 100% mine.

File this one away in the “why the hell didn’t I think of that” category.

I recently received an email from someone asking if I wanted to try a “revolutionary binder.” I wasn’t really sure what could possibly revolutionize a binder (flashing lights? A smoke machine? It did your reading for you?), but being the school supplies whore that I am, I accepted. A few days later, the Duo Binder arrived on my doorstep.

And I have to say, it is revolutionary!

The Duo Binder combines a 3-ring binder with an accordion file, allowing you to keep everything for every class in one place. Plus, it’s got this bungee closure thingy that makes sure everything (no matter how messy it is inside!) stays safely and securely in there. You can keep handouts, notes, completed work, magazines (in case class is boring) and more in this bad boy. It might just be the most organized you’ve ever been for school…. ever.

Just watch this:
Duo Demo

Plus, the Duo Binder comes in different colors and cute designs (mine is magenta with really fun flowers on it), so you can switch things up for each class.

Much like TFLN, mechanical pencils and the wheel, it kills me that I didn’t think of this first. I’m also struggling with the fact that I spent my college years using DuoTang folders to keep organized. I couldn’t find my syllabus if my life depended on it… and sometimes, it felt like it did.

The DuoBinder isn’t in stores yet, but right now they’re offering them to you, dear CollegeCandy readers, online at 50% off with free shipping. Seriously, that’s cheaper than those crappy binders that always break midway through the semester and then your papers fall out and blow away in the wind and no one stops to help you and you look like a crazy person chasing them around….

So, yeah, with a deal like that you can stock up early, get a great little product, and avoid those annoyingly long lines at the campus bookstore when fall rolls around. Just visit the Duo Binder site, enter promo code ‘collegecandy0410’ at checkout and you’ve got yourself a deal.

Oh, and we’re going to give one of these little guys away. To enter, tell us either what you’d use the DuoBinder for, what you love about it, or what you think it’s missing. We’ll randomly draw a winner on Friday at 12 PM ET and announce it on Twitter (so start following us!).

And that’s that.

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