Senior Files: Senior Spotlight on Basketball Star Jayne Appel

If you haven’t heard the name Jayne Appel, then you haven’t tuned into ESPN or Sportscenter in the past month, because her name is everywhere. Appel, senior at Stanford University, has taken the college basketball world by storm over the past four years.

As an All-American athlete, Appel has led the Stanford Cardinal to the Women’s Final Four for the past two years. She has more basketball awards than one can count, was one of Glamour magazine’s 2009 Top 10 College Women, and was the number 5 draft pick of the WNBA, picked to play for the San Antonio Silver Stars.

Basketball has been her life, but basketball isn’t the only arena that Appel dominates. With her bleach-blonde hair, notorious neon pink painted fingernails, and constant carefree California attitude, Jayne Appel is just another girl ready to make her place in the world. And as a recently graduated senior (due to that whole WNBA draft thing), Appel has officially entered the real world. Okay, so maybe instead of a 9-5 desk job she’s playing a sport she loves, but she is just as scared about life post-college as the rest of us.

Since most girls our age haven’t seen their dreams become reality yet and don’t have their own Wikipedia page or Facebook fan site, I wanted to sit down with Appel to ask her some questions and pick her brain about life after college.

CC: What is your favorite thing about being a recent college graduate?
JA: Honestly? Being able to sleep more! And having so much free time and no stress from school!

CC: What will you must most about your college experience?
JA: My girlfriends. There are so many moments that have defined my college career, almost too many to name. But if I were to name one, it would just be the hard times when my friends were there for me. The whole community – my friends, teammates, and parents. I would not have made it without all of these people and feel so blessed to have had that type of support system in place during college.

CC: Do you have any regrets about your college experience?
JA: Zero regrets. I loved every minute of it. I’m sad I am missing my last quarter on campus but am so excited to start playing professionally!

CC: Most seniors are looking for jobs right now, you already have one. How do you feel about your new job?
JA: I am so excited about my opportunity to be a professional athlete. I am even more excited that it will be in San Antonio. I really liked the atmosphere there at the Final Four and am really excited about breaking in my cowboy boots, Texas style!

CC: What is the advice you would tell graduating seniors or upperclassmen about savoring their time left at college?
JA: Spend time with your friends as much as possible. Go out on that night that you usually would stay in. It is unreal how quickly these next few months are going to go, so savor them. Make a bucket list of things you desperately want to do before you graduate and have fun making the stories that you’ll want to retell later. Just enjoy it all!

CC: Speaking of enjoying it all. Do you have any love advice for college women out there?
JA: Relax. If it is meant to be, it will be. And whatever you do, stop over-analyzing! Too many of us women spend hours decoding a guy’s text or every other move, but we all need to just relax a little! I’ve been there, and it’s such a waste of time.

CC: What would you say your sense of style is? What wardrobe pieces are a must for you?
JA: When I do dress up out of sweats, I love to layer stuff. I feel that it’s a look that can work for almost everyone. I also love my Lululemon pants!.

CC: What saying or quote do you live by?
JA: “Try and fail but don’t fail to try” – Stephen Kaggwa

Follow Appel on Twitter at @jayneappel

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