Would You Rather…

It’s been over 12 hours since the show aired and I’m still on a Glee/Madonna high. Was that not the best episode of all time? Besides all the amazingness that was Madonna’s greatest hits, who knew Emma could be so sultry? Damn, girl! That whole “Like a Virgin” montage was just brilliant and I’ve watched it about 10 times since on Hulu. (BTW, thank you, god, for Hulu.)

But enough about that (writing this is wasting precious time that could be spent watching New Directions’ version of Like a Prayer); it’s time for our weekly game of Would You Rather….

Would You Rather be able to control time whenever you wanted (for example, if you wanted you could pause before a huge exam and get in some extra studying) OR be able to magically fix one thing you don’t like about yourself physically?

Things to consider: fast forwarding through lecture, extra snuggle time, those thunder thighs.

Vote and then tell us why below!

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