8 Eco-friendly Products That Will Make Mother Nature Proud

Although yellow is in the forecast as a hot color this spring, the real question is this: Why go yellow when you can go green?

Especially when Green is so chic!

Functional and fashionable, products are coming out all over the place, making it easier than ever to be sustainable and stylish. With stuff like this, the “green” movement is something we can all embrace. So, in honor of Earth Day, here are eight eco-friendly products that have stolen the heart of Mother Nature this season:

8. Little Kay Gardens Pre Seeded Gift Wrap: Looking to wrap up a gift for a graduate this May? Wrapping paper has never been this environmental before. Little Kay Gardens produces a flowered gift wrap, with seeds embedded in the tissue paper. After the gift is unwrapped, the giftee can plant the paper in the ground and sprout some beautiful flowers. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

7. John Masters Organics: There is no better feeling than the one a good skincare product can give, leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. Throw “eco-friendly” into the mix and a winning skin product comes to the forefront. John Masters Organics skincare has won several awards including Tree Hugger.com’s  2010 “Best Of Green Award.” With over 30 products, John Masters is prided on harvesting wild-crafted ingredients that give your skin a natural and beautiful look.

6) Scott and Gabs: Heading to the grocery store? Don’t you dare leave the dorm without your Scott and Gabs reusable bags. A personal favorite of mine, Scott and Gabs is revolutionizing the reusable bag trend with cute and compacted products. Shipped in packs of four and adorned with trendy designs, these bags prove that going green and having fun are meant to be in the same sentence. Purchase your bags over at www.ScottandGabs.com and make everyone else’s groceries jealous!

5) Fashion Ethic: Finding fashion that is stylish and sustainable can leave a girl Googling for hours at a time. Especially if she doesn’t want to wear something resembling a burlap sack. Fashion Ethic is a one-stop shop, giving designers and companies with a “green” approach the spotlight (or should I say green light?) they deserve. Fashion Ethic showcases merchants with an “ethical compass,” supplying shoppers with a fashion forward sense and a lesson in social responsibility.

4) Dropps: Guilty. That’s right, I am among the thousands of college students guilty of wasting when it comes to laundry detergent. Gone are the days of lugging an economy-size bottle of detergent and washing my delicates with unnecessary loads of liquid detergent. Dropps are innovative, convenient and mindful of the environment, all at the same time. Simply drop a Dropp pac into your load of laundry and pat yourself on the back for doing your part in making a smaller carbon footprint. I swear it’s a college student’s dream.

3) The 3 Sisters: Ever think about making old toys and games from your attic a part of your daily wardrobe? Well, you don’t have to do the crafting anymore; the 3 Sisters already thought of this cool and creative concept for you! Beginning with the transforming of Dominoes into wearable art, The 3 Sisters inserts edge and ecology into every piece of jewelry, from purses made out of vinyl records to bottle cap bracelets.

2) Boho Magazine: With the spring weather comes the pleasure of planting yourself on the campus lawn with a pair of shades, your closest girlfriends and a good fashion magazine. Boho is a green fashion-lifestyle magazine daring to make a difference and change the world we live in. The first magazine to be 100% recycled, Boho inspires readers to put a spin on this world and make it prettier while doing so. Find out more about subscriptions and what lies within the binding of Boho at www.bohomag.com.

1) Leanne Marshall: So we all know and love Leanne from Project Runway (Leanne-imal, rarrr), and what could be better than celebrating Earth Day a few days late than by splurging on some pieces from Leanne’s collection, available on her website on April 25? Her products are 100% eco-friendly and 110% fabulous. Up and coming and predicted to take the fashion world by storm, Leanne Marshall is certainly on the right path to making both fellow designers and Mother Nature proud.

Campus Couture: Brittany, Northwestern
Campus Couture: Brittany, Northwestern
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